Web comics to check out


I read the first 800 episodes of 8-Bit Theater over and over again in Afghanistan in 2006; I’ve never gone back to see how it ended. (I had those ones in PDFs on a laptop with no internet connectivity.)


8-Bit Theater deserves some credit for ending. The author realized it was played out and ended at a good point, I think.

Same guy went on to write Atomic Robo, right? That’s a good series as well (in traditional comics, not web comics). Reminiscent of Hellboy, (which I’m reading a lot of lately) but a bit less angsty and heavy-handed (pun acknowledged). It acknowledges that ‘fun’ is something that can and should occur in comics.


I had heard of Atomic Robo, but not read it (nor made that connection with 8BT). Now I’d like to finish the latter and start the former…


Schlock Mercenary is winding down. He’s either on the last book or the next to last book.

And Erfworld has finally finished the 4th book, which turned out to be the second half of what was labelled the 3rd book.

Goblins is still slow as hell, but finally starting to get somewhere again.

And OotS is still awesome, but super slow.


I also particularly liked the way that Dominic Deegan ended.


Did I mentioned Wapsi Square?



Carbosilicate Amorphs FTW!!!


Here’s my issue with a couple comics… I read them for years, and then stopped for a while, and it takes so long to find my place again I lose interest in reading them. I’ve picked this one up two or three times, including at the very beginning, and it drops off whenever I have a busy season.


I liked Wapsi for the longest time…but then the whole cast of characters shifted and now I have no gorram idea what’s going on. It used to be about Monica, Shelley, Tina, and the Chimera Girls. Now it’s about…highschool monster girls?


Hear hear.

College Roomies from Hell was sorta ok, but then the reboot happened, but it did not hook me in.


I still follow Wapsi, though yeah, it makes less sense after the initial arc finished.

I picked up Nothing Special by Katie Cook recently, and it has been cute.


Oh, bother. I was about to describe how I just found Nothing Special via the Dork Tower guest comic strips and it’s already been recommended. It’s pretty good. She posts the comics as chapters in a book. Currently on chapter 22 of book 2.