We all Scream

Don’t ask me how this stuff gets in my head, but I suddenly started thinking about an ice cream shop whose menu is all famous songs. I thought I’d share the fun; here are a couple to start us off.

U2 - Sundae Bloody Sundae - cherry chip ice cream with strawberry sauce and red marshmallows.

Elton John - Good-bye Yellow Brick Rocky-road - Rocky-road with butter pecan syrup. (maybe star sprinkles?)

Bruce Springsteen - Dancing in the Dark Chocolate - Dark chocolate ice cream on a fudge brownie, with hot fudge sauce

Debby Gibson - Electric Blue Youth - Superman ice cream and vanilla Oreos

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Whatever you would come up with for a Diary Queen Blizzard-type treat would have to be Lionel Ritche’s Dancing on the Ceiling.

A ‘Weird Al’ would be a triple scoop of Rocky Road, but no chocolate or vanilla as…
‘Chocolate’s getting old
Vanilla just leaves me cold’