Warning warning warning! Theme change coming!

I’ll probably spend a few hours this afternoon changing the forum’s theme around a bit because I’m bored with how it is now. Will likely be cribbing a few things from the CircleCI Discourse forum.

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Report any weirdness or stuff that’s broken!

(Note: “The typeface doesn’t look right” probably means you’re using Chrome on Windows 7 or possibly IE10 on Windows 7, or older, and if that’s the case I feel bad for you but you should consider using a browser/OS combo that correctly renders type!)

No weirdness to report. It certainly looks different, but I think I like it.

Helvetica, about 15-16 point is what I’m supposed to be seeing? (Safari 9.0.1 on OS X 10.10.5 for the record.)

Too much white space on the main page, before and after each topic title. I don’t think we really need a half inch, vertical, for each topic.

Yeah, @ClockWorkXon, agree on the whitespace. Smooshed it down to the default.

@GITM - typeface should be light Helvetica, yeah. The other option was Proxima Nova, which I have available to serve via font-face, but after going back and forth I think this looks better.

Can we put the notifications to a colour I’m not blind to? :stuck_out_tongue: Greens and blues are fine, reds are a muddy grey to me.

I saw this just now in Firefox.

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I like this much better.

(The font that was used previously had a quirk where bold typeface was a few pixels taller than normal, and it gave me the irrits.)

Fonts look a bit cleaner for me, at least.

Rather like the Ars website at the minute when viewed in Safari, anything in italics breaks line conformity…

It wouldn’t be so bad if it at least uniformly broke line conformity but it distorts more the further down you go!

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Rather like that, yes!

That looks like they are using a bad vertical alignment in the CSS. And they are using an em style with a larger font size (probably because they already have the font bolded).

WTH were they thinking?

Something along the lines of “hey, this’ll get typographers really angry, and then we can do a full eight page article on good typography like we really want to do but have been told there’s no interest in.”

…okay I can dream, can’t I? :stuck_out_tongue:


OS X El Cap, Safari 9, not seeing anything like that at all.

edited to add - not seeing anything like that behavior on any browser.

OS X Firefox, Safari, Chrome:

Windows Firefox, Chrome, IE11:

edit^2 - I also don’t see any unusual CSS being applied to <em> objects in headlines, other than a line height adjustment to 1em—no funky padding or margin games:

Hang on I’ll have a mooch into Other Browser territory.

FYI MacBook Pro 8,2; 2.2GHz i7; with the HighRes screen, El Cap 10.11.1

EDIT would you look at that, I open it in Opera and it’s just fine. Switch back to Safari, reload the page, and it’s just fine as well now. After weeks. I … I declare shenanigans!

That’s wild. I’m seriously just not seeing that in Safari 9, on either my main iMac nor on my MBA.

Maybe it’s a retina thing? I don’t have any retina macs to check.



Well, it would appear that after a quick reboot and looking through Safari and Opera, that the weird text artefacts are banished. I guess that serves me right for not rebooting in over a month, heh heh.

Although, now that this mystery is solved, how about the mystery of why everything is all broken on my Virtual Computer setup? The whole website is unusable! :wink: hehehe

Solution: upgrade from Classilla to…uh…Camino I guess? :slight_smile:

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Found the problem.