Wake up, smell the racism, censor history?

Seen on a reader board: Will cancel culture cancel itself?

There are two answers to this:

  1. Once they finally got rid of everything they objected to, they would be forced to, in order to avoid being labeled hypocrites.
  2. They won’t because there will always be things they object to. They’ll redefine or expand what they’re targeting in order to keep going.

Members of the cancel culture have the same flaw as the Daleks and Cybermen: if they ever achieved their goal, there would be nothing left. The Borg are similar to Cybermen, except they’ll sometimes leave you alone if you’re not getting in their way.


New York Times was founded by a very vocal slave owner. Someone will go after them eventually.

It’s all blood libel.

There’s an effort to not have white actors do voices for non-white characters so that actors of that race or general area can have a better chance at obtaining the role. That means the one John DiMaggio will be able to get are going to be reduced and he no longer can be called “the blackest white guy in VA” (voice acting). Sorry, Johnny, you had a good run.

Do you have to have a DNA test to act certain parts now? What percentage black do you have to be to voice a black character?

“Well our leading character is mixed race… one quarter … one quarter… an eighth… plus one sixthy-fourth…”

So does the human have to have the same?

Are we going by the Nazi standard or Jim Crow?

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There’s a scene in the Bill Murray movie Stripes where they’re trying to get in last-minute training so they can graduate and he’s talking about how they move has to have rhythm. He says, “Black guys, help the white guys.” A black solder is offended by it and asks what he meant by it. A white soldier behind him (John Candy) deliberately repeats it back to him in a provocative manner.

This counts, right? Even though Bill Murray’s character didn’t mean any harm by it and was actually trying to get the platoon to work together by making use of an inferred resource or ability, doesn’t it have to go? We have to get rid of the movie or censor that scene because it’s a stereotype, even though it was addressed within the context of the movie. Isn’t that in keeping with the cancel culture?

How about just ALL of Tropic Thunder? Robert Downey Jr. is in blackface the whole picture.

I think if it is insulting to white people, then it is acceptable to the censor-mongers, so maybe Stripes would get a pass.

One of the funnies moments is right at the beginning… (no, not the ESL class / “Son of Bitch, Shit” scene, but that was damn funny, too.) When Winger and Ziskey (Murray and Ramis) are in the recruiter’s office…
The recruiter asks, “Are either one of you homosexual?”
Furtive glances between Winger and Ziskey
Then Ziskey says, “No, but we’re willing to learn.”
Hahahahaha! The recruiter is like, WTF??

But then again, when you’ve watched it hundreds of times, you have usually caught all the subtleties that you missed at first.

We definitely have to get rid of Formula 51. We can’t have Samuel L. Jackson strutting around in a kilt. That’s cultural appropriation.

C’mon, admit it… you’re just jealous as his kilt is betterer than yours :stuck_out_tongue:

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