VPN shenanigans

I’ve used TigerVPN once in a while to connect to a different georegion and sometimes to mask my presence. It works, but I’ve found it a little flaky. Still, it worked enough that I didn’t look around.

About a year ago, I saw a sale for their service: $30 for a lifetime subscription. It was limited to one device, but I could live with that. Done.

Today, I got an email saying that they’re changing the service to be called LIFETIME LIGHT, which allows me to pay a lower subscription fee for add-on services like additional users and more than a limited number of worldwide servers. LIFETIME PLUS.


I can’t get to their site from work to check it out and doing it on my phone is problematic, but I think I can get what I need done with what I have and not pay them the $2.99/month additional subscription fee WHICH IS WHAT I WAS TRYING TO GET AWAY FROM IN THE FIRST PLACE!