Vacation and travel hints


I’ve never been to EWT. Flew into La Guardia (I think) a few times and didn’t hate it, but then I was also doing it for work that covered a car to the building. I still switched to taking the train as it was so much more convenient (More relaxed, arrives closer to where I needed to be, etc.).


It’s funny—I’d been flying into EWR for like a decade+, after being told to avoid LGA at all costs. Since I’m usually coming from IAH, I’ll fly United, and IAH <-> EWR is a major United route so it was easy. And, yeah, I agree with @dakboy—EWR is nightmaretown.

Last year I had to make a new york trip and had to fly into LGA because of Reasons. I was dreading the experience, but honestly, it was great. I’d pick LGA 100% over EWR every time. It wasn’t super crowded, security lines were very short, and I didn’t have to deal with the insanity that is the Holland Tunnel at rush hour.

I :heart: LGA now.


If it ever does become worth it, let me know and I’ll meet you for coffee (or something stronger). Also, check out some of the hotel deals - a lot of them will let you park for free at the hotel and shuttle you to the airport. Park 'N Fly is also pretty reasonable - that’s what we use whenever we travel.


I always love flying through Toronto Pearson (YYZ). Its a short hop from Philadelphia (PHL), and our first layover prior to heading up through the second layover at Halifax, NS (YHZ), to end up finally at Sydney, NS (YQY).

Frankly, the airport I like least in that trip is PHL.


Agreed about EWR. LAX is pretty awful too. If I’m going to Vegas though i just drive. Yes, the flight is only an hour but security lines at SAN can get pretty bad, so being there 1.5 to 2 hours early is recommended. Then there is baggage claim on the other end and getting a taxi/Uber from the airport to your hotel. This whole process can end up taking 3 or 4 hours, only one of which is spent in the air. Or I can just get on I-15 north and not only be there in 5 hours, but have a car to boot, so I save money on a rental or cab fare and don’t have to screw around in any airports.


I haven’t been through PHL in over 25 years and it was being renovated then. Heading through there in May though on my way home from MIA.


I’ve used an ATM to get cash out (I think it was a Mizuo Bank machine, and it was pretty amazing that it could talk to my bank back here in Oz as we seem to be stuck in the Dark Ages) but the exchange rate and “international currency transfer” fee really screwed me over…

One more thing - get yourself a “Pasmo” or “Suica” travel card for the private (ie, non-JR) trains.