Vacation and travel hints

So I’m looking into a trip for a few days and while the internet is a wonderful place, the best info still comes from friends. So I thought I’d make a place where we can out any travel info for people to look through. Out your airline jnfo, lodging recommendations, side trips dos and don’ts etc here. Hidden gems, places to avoid. Things like that.

In another thread @Woodman mentioned Groupon for deals. I would have never thought of that even though I know they have great stuff. Good idea!

My bff says that allegiant air has their best rates if you can go sat-wed. I’m guessing other airlines have similar patterns.

My last trip I went to Hocking Hills and it was amazing. So many places to hike. Stayed in a little independent cabin rather than one of the more advertised ones so it didn’t have all the bells and whistles but if you’re just looking to have a place to sleep what all do you need? The surrounding area is beautiful in all seasons.

When we went to Florida a few years ago I found it was cheaper to rent a house for a week than to stay in a hotel and eat out. Quieter too. I used but I’ve also looked at homeaway I think it’s called. Lots of sites like that. I’ve never used an Airbnb and they scare me but I’m sure there are nice ones out there

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It is also worth the while to dress like the locals and not like a tourist in some parts.

I do hope you will have a fantastic and fabulous time away from all things!

I checked several sites while I was planning my trip, and ended up booking just about everything on

I’ve spent alot of time on there… Found a new car rental company called green motion. Seems to be European with a small us footprint. But I can get a car for less than $100 for five days so…

Also went on trip advisor and just put in that I was cheap and alone and didn’t care where I stayed. All I want is cheap and secluded (I don’t actually remember what I clicked on to represent that…). Found stationary tiny floating houses that come with a dinghy and a trolling motor. I’m in love.


I like it a lot!

_used Airbnb a couple times. For two days it’s ok, for a week it’s ideal. Read the reviews, don’t cheap out too much and it’s cool.

This is very regional as far as I can tell. It definitely makes sense for some places, though.

For example, my family sued to go to the Outer Banks regularly and renting a house there is the best bet unless it’s a 1-2 person situation. And may be even then.

We’re trying smaller less ‘chain’ hotels when possible. We’re considering New Orleans again next year for a long weekend and looking at some fun smaller hotels that are closer to the stuff we want to do (edge of the French Quarter… Don’t want to be in party central, but adjacent to it…) and still meet our needs (clean, private bathroom, etc.).

Having cooking options can save a lot of money if you actually use them. The downside is I’ve been on trips where food was wasted due to overbuying.

I booked all of my accommodations for my April trip through Airbnb. I got apartments in Tokyo and Osaka, rooms everywhere else. It’s cheaper to get an apartment for a week than stay in a hotel.

Ah, see, I’m happy with water and pbj every meal. When I went hiking I bought a loaf of bread, pbj, 4 monsters, a small pack of burgers, and a pack of eggs. And I don’t mind cooking either. I do mind spending money. :grin: But I’m sure I will eat out a couple meals while I’m down there. I would just rather have my own place and no neighbors. And especially when it’s me and the kids. Then it’s more that I’m sure that people would prefer not to be our neighbors…:rofl::rofl:

JetBlue has free in-flight WiFi on all flights now. And it’s not half bad.

OTOH, I was hoping to use that time to do some offline reading and that didn’t happen.

Southwest is adding to their ‘free’ tier of in-flight, I think.

I mainly use it for the flight tracker, but $Wife did like being able to see the Royal Wedding that was occurring on the same day as last time we traveled.

We’re helping some of $Wife’s friends travel and it’s their first time taking their kids on an airplane. We’ve given them some tips (be early, gum to chew) but any others from people with actual kids?

(The dog has never flown.)

Ages are 8 and 13, I think. They’re worried the 8 year old (boy) will be the active one, while the older girls is probably better about sitting in a seat for a couple hours.

For more fun, it’ll be 2 adults and 2 kids on a Southwest flight, which probably means a 737 or similar with 3-3 seating (each row is 3 seats, aisle, 3 more seats) so one adult will probably be stuck behind or across the aisle.

Bring small travel sized games for the small one, if electronics are frowned on. Otherwise load up a device with movies/tv shows for kids. Never pay for on flight wifi, and maybe some ear plugs for the kiddo. My sisters dont like how loud airplanes are and that has been a real help for them when they fly.

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That’s a good one. Luckily it’s a short flight, too!

Whiskey, they sleep better then.


:rofl: had me laughing

On my family’s first time in the air the kids was too excited to be bored. Of course we had some books etc for them, but these never got used, except on the train trip back.

Booked it all. On a whim I decided to go through the airline site to see their price and it not only beat all the other sites but it also said that they now allow a free carry-on with the cheapest fare where it used to be (and is still listed as such on all the other search sites) that nothing besides a personal item was allowed.

TL;DR always check the actual vendor sites (ie airlines) because they may be a better option on price and accessories!


Have a great time!

Lots of places list their rentals on more than one site. For example, the one I booked was on trip advisor plus air bnb, and probably some others. Once you find a place you like, look through them all not only for the best rate but also for any discrepancies that may be to your liking. Finally, all things being equal, consider whether you can find any sort of travel rewards or even grocery rewards for any of the sites. Such as Giant Eagle sells Air BnB gift cards. So for our next trip I will get everything set up and then get gift cards to purchase the actual lodgings. This will help offset just a little of the cost, but every penny helps! Some stores also offer rewards and such for Disney or specific airlines. A neighbor bought gift cards for Disney all year to make sure none of her rewards expired before she had a chance to use them, and at the end of the year paid for their entire Disney vacation with them.

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