Upgrading Android OS on MyGica Box

I have a MyGica box that runs KitKat 4.4. All of a sudden last week CraveTV (Canadian streaming app) decided it needed upgrading and the new version won’t run. Apparently, according to idiot tech support, they don’t support Android boxes. Supposedly they never did, officially, but you could run the older versions on the boxes.

Looking at the specs, it looks like it will run on tablets with v5. I found a video on YouTube that describes how to upgrade the MyGica box from KitKat 4 to Lollipop 5, which apparently was the solution for a similar problem with Kodi.

However, before I do anything like that I thought I’d come here and see if anyone has done this and, if so, how it worked, what problems they had, etc. I trust you guys a lot more than some guy on YouTube.

Oh hey i was about to make a post about how my work just gave me an old nexus tablet, and i wanted to know how to put a non-google os in it.

I remember something about beyond here be dragons?


LineageOS. Try it.

With luck you’ll still get a compatible ROM for it.

If not, see if you can come right with Cyanogenmod (dead).