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I’m not a Rush fan. The music is good, and Geddy is a nice guy and all, but I can’t stand the sound of his voice… nails on a chalkboard.

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How dare you hate on Rush? On Neil’s birthday even.


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This would be the thread for it. And I went a lot easier on them than the earlier discussion of the Beatles :wink:


Anyone else read this as “As a Grand Theft Auto resident…”

Overall, I don’t personally care about sports most of the time, but I also kind of think it’s wrong to be “Eww, sports, let’s mock people for their passions” because I’m currently in a mode where I don’t like to make fun of people for being excited about stuff.


Yes! That was totally my first thought!

Haha! Well spotted! :rofl:

Maybe if you guys (our government) were to drop AA, BEE and all that stuff, get rid of money-guzzling cadres, and appoint people with the right qualifications (and not based on skin colour) then maybe the economy will recover.

Threadus Ressurectus! (Since I’ve been away for a while…)

Agreed, and I wouldn’t (and didn’t) say that to fans. I can get pretty excited over my geeky stuff and, fortunately, the place I’m at now has a lot of geeks and nerds who share my passion.


3 million taxpayers havening to keep the country of 40-million plus people running?

This quote by Teach from Interesting Times is so apt :

“He who pays the piper gets to choose the tune, but he who holds a knife to the piper’s throat get to write the symphony.”

Unfortunately most people are politically divided and don’t want to see the real problem/threat, and instead of standing together for once, they will squabble over little things and nothing get done.

Sounds like the same thing that’s happening in the USA.

The top 20% here pays 52% of taxes. The top 8% paying all of them seems a bit extreme.

Gotta get reelected somehow. There are way too many politicians, looking at you Bernie, who have been in office for decades and can’t run on their record but only on how horrible the other side is.

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That’s why I left the taxes part out of my quote. We’re as divided as I can remember in my lifetime.

Taxes sucks