Unifi to power Cisco OEAP


Anyone (Lee) use of of the smaller Unifi switches to power a Cisco AP? I’m looking at finally getting gig service for the majority of my internal network and considering moving from a kinda-useless Cisco 1811W (which has wireless turned off and is only 10/100 fir the PoE switch module) but I need PoE for the AP.


Looking at the simple UniFi Switch 8 60W:

And maybe a couple of their in-wall APs:
UniFi AP In-Wall

(Inspiring article: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2018/07/enterprise-wi-fi-at-home-part-two-reflecting-on-almost-three-years-with-pro-gear/ )


Trying it, so I guess I’ll answer my own question.


Turns out it works fine!