UEFI boot support

Hey does anyone here know offhand if the Dell Precision Workstation T5500 supports UEFI (as opposed to legacy BIOS). I need to test something that requires it. I can’t find the setting anywhere in the BIOS and my google-fu is apparently weak now that I’ve turned 40. :smile:

Looking at one of our newer Dells (Opti390), with the blue graphical BIOS/Setup…
If it has it, the option will be under Settings -> General -> Boot Sequence -> Boot List Option [Leagcy or UEFI]

Yeah it doesn’t have that. Crap.

Punctuation wins the day!

Yeah it doesn’t have that. Crap.


Yeah it doesn’t have that crap.



LMAO, yeah, I noticed that, too. Did a double take