Travel Trailers/RVs


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The “in SECURITY” comic strip I mentioned previously has a storyline involving Roy’s “Pamper Camper”. Starts on July 20, 2017 and runs through the 29th. The current storyline that started on August 4th tells how Charlene and Roy met and includes living in that camper.

(This one continues the storyline of Sedene giving Ellie a completely new look to improve her dating prospects, which leads to mistaken identity, a football game and true love, but I missed the part where Roy was involved, so Sedene’s and Ellie’s reason for confronting Charlene is a bit out of the blue.)


Whilst this thread is going on, what about Jeremy’s camper as seen on top gear? :smiley: Now that made me laugh.


All three of their campers were “special” in a unique way.


Yes, Jeremy’s had that extra touch of something special… and a large dollop of absurd. As I recall, Richard’s was even more absurd but differently, and James’ was inadequate but less overblown.


IIRC, Hammond had the ‘some assembly required’ one, unless I’m thinking of a different version of the bit. Basically he had to set his up from parts, but had a sizable space, albeit not too wind-resistant. Jame’s was, of course, super low-tech and efficient, if you don’t mind sleeping in a coffin attached to your roof.


That’s the one I’m thinking of, yeah. I remember Hammond complaining about the cold, and then they had to drive somewhere and use their rigs, but his was back at base camp and he was outta luck.

Ha! Yeah, pretty much.


Shots of my rig. I have a 2017 Ram 1500 with a hemi V8. The trailer is a Passport Ultralight, 4800 lbs empty. I can tow around 8k, the RPMs don’t show the strain, but the MPGs do.I go from 18-22 mpg to 8-14 mpg.

With optional driver installed.

On our way home after a short trip.

On our first ever trip out.

Don’t do this with your trailer.


Nice! That’s perfect, plus a slide out. I like it!


Campers take on a life of their own: You paid a lot for that thing, you’re paying to insure it, depending on where you live you pay to store it… so you feel compelled to use it… often!

I’d love to have the $$$ to have one, but Mrs and I don’t want to get into that cycle, so we haven’t taken the leap.

But if we were going to…

Hard sided (not like a canvas pop-up), with on board HVAC, kitchen, bathroom, beds. It folds down so you lose less MPG, pops up in a jiffy.


That is pretty slick. I’d seen hard side popups before, but not those.