Travel Trailers/RVs

Sell your house for triple its price and get a Winnebago? :slight_smile:

Better still, sell your house for quadruple it’s value and emigrate to NZ! :wink:


Do they have Winnebagos in NZ?

Probably, but I’m guessing there’s some amusing-to-Americans slang for them.

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Motor homes or camper vans.
Winnebago is an amusing slang term :laughing:

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Eh? Do inform me about that :slight_smile:

Winnebago is a brand of motor homes. Or at it used to be.

Winnebago used to be THE “go to” for RVs.

Yeah, back in the 70s and 80s.

Although the ‘old school cool’ was Airstream, which I think has roots in the aircraft industry, which explains why they tend to look like really old airplanes in many ways: Shiny, riveted, rounded skins. They infamously were used as quarantine vehicles and transports for NASA.

Interestingly, according to wikipedia they tried selling RVs for funeral processions for a while. I guess kind of a somber, less-excited party bus concept?

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Typically, an RV is a driven vehicle, while when I hear “Airstream”, I think of a towed trailer. I’m guessing AIrstream may have made vehicle versions over the years, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in person. I know that in the Apollo ear, NASA’s mobile quarantine vehicle was Airstream in the back - I assume the whole vehicle was Airstream built. ** I couldn’t resist my curiosity… according to Wikipedia, Airstream made RVs from 1974 through 2006! Wow! I’m guessing they were made in very low numbers.

Is that something like what Google is now - a term so ubiquitous that it replaces the generic name?
Very often when I see American references to motor homes they refer to a Winnebago rather than a motor home. Are they all actually Winnebagos?

Like Kleenex and Xerox, yes, you are correct. Although, RV snobs would prefer you not call their rig a Winnebago. I guess it invokes mental images of old, beat up things… some of the old ones were quite unattractive.

Some of the new ones are much less hideous, though maybe not as recognizable.

I would love to get my hands on that one on top.

People have no idea what i’m talking about when I say I’m going to AltaVista something.

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Same here. Doesn’t matter if it looks hideous, if it is comfortable inside, win.

Uglyness may give ne’er-do-wells cause to go for the better-looking one :smiley:

That top picture looks like the RV my grandparents had when I was a wee lad.

Showed the pix of the Winnies to Ookwife, she also chose the top one, handling concerns.

Now, if we can get our hands on some moniez… :smile:

I still kinda-sorta want one of the micro trailers I’ve seen… The teardrop trailers that are basically just big enough for 2 to sleep in, and maybe a ‘cooking surface’ on the back side.

I’ve thought about those, too. RR’s teardrop/micro trailer pros and cons:


  • easy to store - could conceivably fit in the garage
  • lightweight / low profile - easy to tow and wouldn’t completely murder MPG
  • could build your own on a small trailer - should be able to find a trailer for cheap on CL


  • still have to put on shoes and hike to a toilet in the middle of the night (just like tent camping)
  • cooking in the back hatch area in the rain would suck (just like tent camping)

I’d like to have a travel trailer with a toilet, a bed in the front, and either a fold out couch or bunk in the back. Seems like the 17’, 19’, or 23’ ones would have just enough amenities without being overly huge. I think @Woodman has one in that size range, maybe a bit bigger? But, that’s a cost that’s not in the budget right now. And I wouldn’t have anyplace to store it, so a storage facility would be yet another ongoing cost to figure in.

EDIT: Perhaps @Nabiki could spin these posts off into a new thread for Travel Trailers / RVs?

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