Tips and tricks of the trade


Hiren’s Boot CD.

A major lifesaver. Get yours now.


There is at least one program that is on an old version of Hiren’s Boot CD that was removed from newer distros. I think Ghost was one, but have a feeling there was something else that I’m forgetting. Anyway, good to have old and new versions, just in case!


Wasn’t this what DBAN was all about?


Nope. DBAN was a one trick pony - boot and nuke (wipe). Hiren’s CD has a bunch of utilities… just off the top of my head, i can think of: regeditors, password reset utils, imaging tools, partition resizer/editor, wiper.


Sounds more like an evolution of the Ultimate Boot CD.


It was, just under a different author.

Hiren’s boots to a mini-Windows environment (Windows PE), which could be good or bad depending on your need.

I use it most frequently to reset a local admin account password.

You can burn it to a CD, or run it from a thumb drive. If you run from a thumb drive, it has a folder structure that permits you to add updated anti-virus definitions (if using one of his freeware versions) or a version all your own.


Our company is now using the web-based Office 365, which turns every email address into a button. This makes it very difficult to copy an email address out of one message and paste it into another. I often do it this way to because of needing to vary who messages are sent to, so setting up groups isn’t practical.

The other reason for doing it this way is because I’m sending a completely new message that I don’t want tagged as a reply to an existing message. I used to have to modify the original message when replying back to other people with something like “I’ve trimmed out the portion of your message that is on a completely different subject than we’re talking about now” because they hit Reply to All to start a new message.

I finally figured out how to paste in a group of email addresses at one time. If I create a text file, I can stack the addresses together, like this:;;

That’s the same kind of format IBM Notes and the older versions of Outlook use, and it was the way I used to do it, but I could copy directly out of an old email and paste into the new one. Once the plain text is pasted into Outlook 365, it goes through its little dance of “Searching for” conversions to turn the email addresses into buttons.

By using the full email address, it avoids the conversions stopping if more than one person happens to have the same name.

Just another trick to get the computer to stop trying to help when it makes it more difficult than I need.