Time to move on again?

OK, so anyone who’s been paying attention remembers the job carousel I was on from 2006 to 2013. I’ve been at my current job for 2.5 years now and it’s obvious there’s not a lot of room for advancement. Yesterday I was contacted by a recruiter. I’ve worked with his agency in the past but not him specifically. He sent me the info for a desktop position with a biotech/pharmaceutical company here in San Diego that would support around 120 users and also be involved in sysadmin and infrastructure activities. One of my issues here is lack of training and this place would have it in spades. They also have an amazing employee benefits package. Oh, and it would be about a 20% pay increase.

So what’s the catch, you ask? Well, it’s a six month contract to hire position. They have the budget approved for the headcount and they definitely need someone doing this job full time, but this is how they do things. They are looking for a good fit. This makes me hesitant but I’m kind of stuck at my current job and this is a great opportunity. I’d like to think I can make it six months without screwing up but my track record makes me hesitant. Am I stupid for thinking that? I don’t think I can pass up this opportunity.

Maybe put a post-it on your monitor when you get there: “Don’t be a dick” :wink:
If you interview with whoever would be your supervisor and feel like y’all would get along, you should be able to hang in there for 6 months, eh?

I haven’t gotten to the interview stage yet but that’s the idea. :slight_smile:

Learn from your past! Jump at this job, because you can get it!

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I sent my updated resume over the weekend. Now just waiting to hear back.

I’m “good” until probably April-ish with m current gig, but already thinking about what I’ll do if they offer me a full time job. Lots of pros and cons: the drive sucks, but they do treat people reasonably nice. On the other hand, $Wife and I have discussed moving out of the DC Metro a couple times, as we’re both a bit sick of the DC Metro attitude.

Good lord, stay out of the ring counties then. Those people shit gold bricks that smell better than roses.

Ring counties? Not a term Iv’e heard, but I’m guessing you mean the ones ringing DC, like Montgomery, P.G., etc?

I live in Montgomery, albeit the northern end, which is much more rural. Keep in mind that DC commute range goes out much further than this, now… There’s people that commute to DC and live in the Baltimroe suburbs, now.

I was thinking Virginia “country” area. That’s my experience, between DC and Winchester; Old Plains, Marshall, Middleburg.

Well it’s a moot point. Apparently I have too much experience. Which is normally code for "we will have to pay you too much but in this case is more of a “we want someone who isn’t so set in their ways”. Never mind that if they actually looked at my resume and saw how many different places I’ve worked they would know I’m pretty adaptable. I am not amused.

Bummer! It was worth trying for, though.

That sucks - but if they are so set in their mindset that they can’t see beyond their noses then maybe it isn’t such a bad thing.