Thunderbirds by Gerry Anderson.

Kids started to watch it, so I will occasionally pop in to have a look.

I saw the “bigature” and miniature sets they use for that when I went on the Weta studio tour in April. It was really neat! Look closely at the villain’s lair. It’s mostly made out of old computer parts. System boards, case fans, etc. They said that they never clean it, because the dirtier it is, the better it looks.

Wait, didn’t Gerry Anderson die a few years back? Did they remake it, or are they doing new ones? I don’t think I was able to see all of the original ones, but it was many, many years ago, before streaming made so much stuff available.

They’re remaking it. It’s really neat.

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I sincerely hope that they stick as close as possible to the original storylines.

Plus the music as well. It is the music that does it for Thunderbirds.

Can’t wait to see the updated remakes.

Our broadcaster (the SABC) also took a hand in duplicating Gerry Anderson’s marionation efforts, but the dolls looked more lifelike.

Will see if I can find a youtube clip of that effort. Sadly I did not watch the entire series.

IMHO the original series are miles ahead of today’s garbage they pump out for kids to watch.

Found one (with English subtitles)

Whaddya mean I cannot have more than 3 consecutive posts?

Anyway, I found this on Youtube :

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Thank you! :slight_smile: