Things you wish you could say (everywhere)


The intra-articular steroid injection into my wrist didn’t give me hiccups in the middle of the night… twice… and only let me sleep five hours.


This latest crap of “It’s not a good time to visit” on the only days that I have off is complete bull$#$&. If you saw me leaving this morning when you came in, too bad.

Huh. Guess you did since you just sent me another message specifically saying not to come. Edit: not to come tomorrow.


Whoa. I get that they are family. But that is heartless, you and him have been close friends for how freaking long???


20+ years. I supported him through school, then he returned the favor and supported me through school.


You have every right to be there.


Agreed. It seems to me that Nabiki is more family than some families are.


I’m just wondering if @Johtoguy knows anyone big/ugly/scary, like outlaw bikers or something, that owe him a favor. Someone that wouldn’t mind delivering a message, not gently but not over the line too far.


Unfortunately i do not.


I didn’t break a tooth eating a jelly bean, right before getting my eyes checked and having to fork out a bunch of money for new glasses.


That’s why I always pay a little extra for the boneless ones.


Unless that was the stalest jelly bean on Earth, I’m having a hard time figuring out how you managed to pull that off. :thinking:


I’m not sure myself. It’s possible that the tooth was already in trouble and the jelly bean was the straw that broke the camel’s back - or the TM’s tooth, in this case. :laughing:


I had to give up on toffees. These doesn’t agree with my fillings anymore.

Sad panda.


You look more like an orangutang.



Sad orangutang then :stuck_out_tongue:


Unless it was one of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, and the flavour was pain.


Dear $whatsapp_members

If there is a post you don’t like, and it’s been addressed, stop digging it up time and again, it really is irritating as fck should the topic not be put to rest.


I am not going through this BS again.


I am not going through this IBS again.


The cabinet didn’t slip out of my hands and snap off the control knob of my washer. At the base of the stalk. Where it goes into the control board. 🤦