Things you wish you could say (everywhere)


We don’t know yet. He never had the flu.


Yikes. Well i hope he gets better soon.


F@$# you, I am not getting rid of my cats.

What I did say, “This is not the time to be trying to convince me to get rid of my cats.”
Roommate’s mom is concerned for his health. He’s still in hospital.

Edited to remove medical details.


Your roommate will get better!


He should. He’s still looking at a long hospital stay, though.


What he has is completely unrelated to the cats isnt it? Plus he has cats too. So why should you have to get rid of your cats.


Pneumonia leaves one with permanently compromised lungs. Dander and cat hair may be a problem, but it’s way to early to tell.


FWIW, I’ve had pneumonia several times in my life and have been hospitalized for it a few times. I still have cats, and I’m freakin’ allergic to them. Perhaps the mom is being overzealous as a way to deal with her fear and stress. I think if she presses the issue, I’d counter that it’s more reasonable to ask her child to move.


I have my arguments in a line if it comes to that point.

  1. Roommate will understand why he needs to find a new place. My cats would never understand why I betrayed and abandoned them.
  2. Roommate and I will still see each other at work, game, whenever. If my cats find new homes, I will never see them again.
  3. Roommate can/will find a new place. My cats are all adult, mostly older. They are very unlikely to find homes, which means they will be killed.

Roommate’s inconvenience is not worth the lives of my family.


That’s way more tactful than, er, let’s just say, my top three responses. You’re a good egg, @Nabiki.


Chemo is not kicking my ass today. I went from not pooping since my treatment to omg why wont it stop this afternoon. Only three more to go this month, then another six month break.


I’m sorry you have to go through that. My cheerful fairy is telling me that “At least chemo isn’t nearly as bad as it used to be!”

You can tell my cheerful fairy to shut up.


Nah, I’m better. You know, when the alternative is dying of a cold one day I’ll take it.

Yesterday brought some interesting intestinal issues though.


Every time you mention my cats or the fact that I don’t keep my house pristine (Unlike you, I don’t have a housekeeper) you make it clear that you think this is my fault. I will not take the blame for this. It is not my fault. When this is over, I will have nothing to do with you.


At what point do you break out the shotgun and escort them from the premises? It sounds like you’re getting close.


They’re the roommate’s family (mother & sister), and they’re camped out at the hospital. They have the right to escort me off of the premises, since I’m not family, but they know that a 25 year friendship may be critical to helping him recover.

Edit: I know it’s worry, but I still don’t feel I deserve to be blamed for this. His family has really rallied around during his hospital stay.


You should say this to them.


Why are they blaming you? From what you’ve said he refused to go to the doctor (I’m assuming he has insurance) until things got really bad. That’s on him.


They’re blaming me because they think my house is a hotbed of germs because of the cats and because I don’t clean my house every day and deepclean it every week.


That would be a very bad idea right now. His mom is really fragile, and I don’t want things to blow up.