Things you wish you could say (everywhere)


My bff’s sister isn’t currently in the hospital after an OD (was found dead, they got her back) and this is some sick joke. And that this doesn’t become an RIP post. :fearful::cry:


I hope everything goes okay, and she gets some help!


She’s been to rehab so many times. Tens of thousands of dollars. She was clean for over a year this time and really seemed to have it together for good. Good friends, very close family… And so we start again… Thank goodness all cops carry Narcan in this area. Otherwise she’d be gone. She’d have been gone one of the last three times. :pensive:


That’s a photocopy. It has the exact same information as the original. Which you also have in your hands.


I feel sick, i want to go home, ive sprained my thumb and foot. But not gonna happen despite how slow work is today because im taking off the rest of the week.


I did not get sick Thursday afternoon and have a 102 fever for the next three days. I did not miss two days and change of work my second week on the job. I am not miserable today because I should have stayed home but can’t afford it because I haven’t accrued any PTO yet (2 or 3 hours at most). The slightest exertion does not leave me sweaty and winded. I will not drive home in approximately one hour and faceplant right back into bed.


I told you to call your doctor. I’ve been telling you for the last two weeks to call your doctor. Now you’re in the hospital with pneumonia. Bet you’re gonna get your flu shot next year, right?


LOL - was that addressed to @Force10 Or some third party?

'cause it might have been for F10…


Not F10, but good advice, nonetheless.


Naw, I think it was probably this one, further up this thread:

I feel like I’m talking to a kid. Sick roomie wants pudding, drumsticks, snickers, and flavored water. I’m suggesting soup, fruit, fruit juice, and real oatmeal.



My wife mentioned when the car was smoking that the back window was getting gummed up… (She didn’t know it was relevant)

The engine didn’t run out of oil. And when the mechanic looked at the oil after pouring 4 quarts in he didn’t see pretty metal glitter.

Also it wasn’t negative a million yesterday so the car smoking wasn’t all that noticeable.

Also, my options are better than a $2,500 band aid fix that hopes nothing else broke but the seal when the car ran out of oil; a $6,200 used engine replacement, or a $7,000 new engine replacement.



words and stuff



It was just the flu and pneumonia.



I’d go with the new engine as it’ll have a guarantee, and it will be good for a long time instead of taking a chance with a 2nd hand engine (which you may need to rebuild, new piston rings, bearings etc).

Also, cost of a new/secondhand car in good condition versus an engine transplant…

And good luck!


Ugh, The dang car is only worth 5k at best.

So I’m looking at putting the $2.5k in it. My wife can drive the Ram and the chevy can be the the stay at home car. If it lasts 5 months then it pays for itself in having no payments. We’ll be out of this transition period and in a much better place. I’ll miss my truck, and the heated everything.

Option B is to let it go and buy a $500 beater on craigslist.

GM has a service extension for the 2.4 eco engine. But it only covers 2010-2013, my car has the same engine, and had the same issue but for some reason it’s not covered. The PVC valve froze causing enough back pressure to blow out the rear main seal. She drove it at highway speeds while the oil just poured out. Last mile or less it was rattling as she drove. And since it was -omg she just wanted to get it home.

When the weather is like this it’s almost as if your brain turns off and it’s just get home. I was the same way when she called me about the smoke. I was like if she gets home it all going to be ok. I’ve made this mistake before with a car when I was the driver, and I don’t think I’ll as easily do it again. But I did fall for it this time when someone else was driving.


It’s probably that part of one’s brain that goes “If I can just get it home, I can make sure I’m not stranded somewhere and going to freeze to death”, regardless of the availability of towing services or anything else.


For me it’s more of a “Get it home so I can do something I’m helpless here”

If I knew nothing at all about cars I’d likely break fewer of them because I’d just panic and stop running it instead of trying to get it where I can fix it.

But there is some of the oh crap gunna die stuff too.


My dryer is working perfectly.

(At least I got the first load done.)


whine It’s been a really crappy week.

(I can’t say this because roommate’s week has been infinitely worse.)


Whoa is he okay???