Things you wish you could say (everywhere)


New cars don’t cost an arm and a leg. :scream:🤦

Gonna save up a small down payment. Cannot stomach making a monthly payment like that. Guess I will look again in a few months. At least I know what I’m budgeting for but yeesh!


New is nice, but if you have a CarMax nearby, you can save some money and get one that is new-to-you and still have some piece of mind. They do a pretty good job of weeding out the junk.


We have a CarMax right up the road, but I’m really ready for a new car. I keep them for 10-15 years, so I will get my money’s worth. Part of it is that I am ready to do what I want with my new-found independence and can buy what I want and when I want. I know it sounds silly but part of it is that I have never in my life purchased anything because I wanted to and was able to make all my own decisions. It was always out of necessity and everyone else’s needs were considered before mine. So now I’m ready to get this car for me. But I’m still gonna negotiate. Have four different dealerships working on it. :grin:


Sorry about your finger. Maybe lots and lots of nail polish in a dark color for your formal thing?


Lots of companies working to get government subsidies that don’t really want to actually do the job. This is why it’s so frustrating that we keep subsidizing this crap. My dad used to work IPS (Indianapolis Public Schools) IT and they would get a grant for new laptops for students, or Chromebooks, or god knows what. So they’d roll out the tech and then collect the remnants the next year because the grant went away and roll out the new Ipads or whatever the hell the new grant was for.

I read several stories a few years ago about internet startups getting killed by companies like Frontier because they were more expert at getting the grant and subsidy paperwork done to get the lines run. They’d start the process and Frontier would complete it and grab the funding which ended up driving the other company(s) out of business.

Kind of the same reason we’re still using old solar and wind turbine technology, the government is making the crappy stuff profitable while the new stuff is still too expensive and not worth the effort, despite being better in the long run, and the short run if the subsidies weren’t there.


Wear long gloves. That’s what I do.


Actually was considering it. Plus, it’s winter. :grin:


Do you guys wear willy warmers when it is snowing? :see_no_evil:


I don’t. Can’t speak for anyone else though. :rofl::rofl:

Must say though, I rarely even wear a winter coat in the winter…a jacket, sure. And I keep a coat in my truck. But I never really am outside for more than five minutes so unless it’s like -20F or something I’ll be fine. :woman_shrugging:


There’s a big difference between “going outside” and “working outside” too. I dress a lot differently for walking outside to walk the dog or get the car warmed up vs. going out to shovel, move wood, or similar… If I every had a real ‘work outside’ job I’d probably consider anything that’d help me keep warm.


It is not 56F out and I do have access to something other than an outdoor shower with ambient temperature water to get cleaned up before my flight. :scream:


Ah, yeessss… outdoor showers at BS camp during a winter event with snow on the ground.

Almost as much fun as the indoor shower on Adak with ground temperature water.


Thinking of writing a book? Don’t be this guy. In fact, no matter what in life you do, don’t be this guy.

His Actions Were Far More Interesting Than His Story at Not Always Right.

(I originally just pasted in the link, but the auto-sample/preview function happened to snag part of the story that gave away some of the ending.)


And we have to share this world with such people? :tired_face:


Wow. The entitlement, it burns.


I feel like I’m talking to a kid. Sick roomie wants pudding, drumsticks, snickers, and flavored water. I’m suggesting soup, fruit, fruit juice, and real oatmeal.


I’ve been on the board of a writing group that runs an annual contest - in this case for scholarships and grants - and I wish I could say this sort of behaviour is a one-off…


That sound like a child to the T, if i didnt know better id say he was 12.


This NAR:Legal made me go WTF.



I desperately want that story to be true.