Things you wish you could say (everywhere)


Spotify, please could you fire your UI designers.
If I press play on my phone, it’s because I want to listen to music on my phone
I know I was listening on my work PC. Now I’m not. Don’t play music on my work PC when I’m listening on my phone, that makes no sense at all.


My free stray dog does not have a urinary stone that got stuck in his urethra in his penis, blocking him completely and necessitating my rushing across town at rush hour to takes x-rays to verify the problem, dope him up, pass a urinary catheter, and start him on antibiotics and prescription food. And I won’t have to uncap, express, and recap this catheter several times a day until Monday morning. And the stone will magically dissolve by the time I pull the catheter so that he cannot reblock.

Also, there is not an air leak from the outside through the foundation into my utility room in the basement causing there to be large puddles of condensation on the floor.

Let’s talk again about my burnout and compassion fatigue…


Oh, I wish your pup’s stone would magically dissolve, too! Poor guy, poor MSUAlexis.


Oh, that’s awful.
And it brings up questions that I’m not sure I want the answers to… Did the catheter push the stone back up the pipe? Does that mean the stone is bigger than the catheter’s inside diameter? Much “yikes”. Do they use the treatments to break up stones on dogs? (Ultrasound or laser, if I remember correctly)
Answers not really necessary; I just needed to get the thoughts out of my head.


/me inserts fingers in ears





Yes we were able to retropulse the stone back into the bladder but it doesn’t mean it’s bigger than the catheter. We use the pressure of pulsing water to push it back. I have pics of the x-rays if people want them.

Yes we do lithotripsy on dogs but I don’t have that kind of cash, and I get a discount! There’s a good chance it’ll dissolve, and if it doesn’t I will go into the bladder and get it. I’d rather not, since he is 13 and just had anesthesia two weeks ago. I will be leaving his catheter in over the weekend and then go from there. I hope he doesn’t reblock over the holiday; that’s my fear. But it’s all fixable problems so…


Ohhhhh dear, the poor doggy. That mde me cringe.