Things you wish you could say (everywhere)


i mean, i also am not fond of trek, or Monty python… I expect to be banned/shunned for this.


Blasphemer!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


And now zotted due to his unGeek-like attitude. :wink:


Well played, @Nabiki, well played indeed…


Look up from your phone more often. You almost walked into the back of my car before you noticed it. You’re going to be a mugger’s ideal victim if you don’t, unaware of your surroundings until it’s too late.


No worries. Entertainment is subjective. You’ll like A and B whilst /me may like C and D (and maaaaybe a little bit of A).

Carry on as you were :wink:


I don’t have a migraine five hours before Highball. :rage:


Oof!! Ya got me!


Frammin at the Jim-Jam,
Frippin in the Krotz
Johtoguy’s so happy,
he could just plotz.

He’s been zotted,
or is that besotted?
Does he look funny in spots?


I’ve had a few eras where I’m totally burned out on Fantasy, but Pratchett is a justified exception. A decade ago I’d have said you needed to read several works for reference, but now if you’ve watched LotR, GoT, and HP you’re probably good to go to get enough jokes to make it worth it. (Fritz Leiber’s works get referenced in some early books, but that’s way too obscure I think.)

I’d recommend people start with something like Guards, Guards which is probably better than the actual first book, as the first couple have a very different tone than the later period.


Thank Crunt it wasn’t me.


Pterry made references (some subtle, others not) to “A nightmare on Elm Street”, “Indiana Jones” and others in his books as well. :slight_smile: That man was a sheer genius.


I’m loathe to admit it, but I have seen Lord of the Rings. It took me, like, 5 tries to get past the first 15 minutes, though.
I’ve seen a season and a half of Game of Thrones. (Is that fantasy or just medieval?)
And I’ve seen zero Harry Potter.

Sadly, I can’t say for sure when the last time I read a book that wasn’t technical/job related. It has been at least several years. Lately, I’m lucky to finish a magazine.


I’m dealing with an aspect of this. In my particular circumstances, I’m forcing myself to read paper books (as opposed to ebooks) so I have less opportunity to jump around. It’s been interesting.

I’d still recommend Pratchett if you think you’ve absorbed enough fantasy tropes. The Discworld books turn into more ‘societal discussions with jokes and a fantasy veneer’ than hard fantasy.

Nation might be an interesting non-Discworld Pratchett to read. It’s set in a slightly alt-universe real world, age of sail era, and has thoughts about colonialization and the nature of societies within.


Game of thrones was meh and im a huge fantasy fan. Lord of the rings was stellar, books where a bit slow though. I grew up with harry potter and unlike a large amount of people my age, i dont care bout it much.
Ive read them all and i have to say they are good, but i liked the Percy Jackson books much better.

I should read some of the disk world books especially because my favorite author Branden Sanderson wrote one or two.


Yes. I’m sure his neighbours wish he’d put clothes on more often, too.


Saw a vid the other day where a guy had his nose to his phone while the bar he was in was robbed at gunpoint.

He only looked up after the gunman left and realized everyone was lying on the floor.
He was a bit shocked at that point. No idea why the robber left him standing.


If you are going to sell my daughter an extra entree at lunch, you should be telling her how much it costs.

$2.35 for lunch, $1.65 for an extra entree. If I was an asshole, or a lot poorer than I am she’d be going hungry today.

I had this same issue with the high school with the older girls. They sell all this stuff ala cart and don’t have pricing on any of it, and since they pay with a fingerprint they don’t even know how much they are spending. Now, I’m sure the prices are somewhere, but apparently two of my children were never able to find them. And don’t even get me started on how much they charge for things like water and powerade. $1.50 for a bottle of water, and $2.75 for powerade. I could buy a six pack of each for that.


FFS that is some shadey shit.The prices need to be visible, and easy to access so that the kids don’t get ripped off.


My commuter train’s engine didn’t have problems, making me half an hour late for work. And the prescription reading glasses I need for work are in my purse, so I won’t be squinting at my screen for the next seven hours and I won’t end up with a massive headache by the end of the day.