Things you wish you could say (everywhere)


I’m glad she’s been found. I hope her friend is found soon!


Unfortunately he’s not really her friend anymore. Baby daddy on again off again boyfriend. She came home covered in bruises. When he is found he’s being charged as an adult with assault (domestic violence) and kidnapping. My friend is actually her aunt but has physical custody of her, and they have to keep her away from certain family members. It’s getting worse by the day. At least she’s home. Next step is getting the boy locked up for a good long time. :thinking:


I can’t understand those types of relationships - the woman is being abused, but does not want to get away from the abuser. (The reverse is also possible - female on male violence).

I have absolutely no frame of reference for this sort of thing, and it saddens me to hear of such things :frowning: (and pisses me off too…)


She’s a kid. Both are under 18, so she really knows no better. They are working on her.

Sometimes then problem is not only physical but actually mental abuse. Probably most are like this with only some going physical. When you have been told repeatedly that then person loves you, which is lucky bc you have so many problems/issues/whatever that no one else will, but they can help you and they don’t mind bc they love you, eventually you believe it. Slowly they isolate you from people who would tell you otherwise. That way no one can help you see the truth. Also when they do bad things it is bc they love you and are trying to help you be better. It’s a long process…first they convince you it’s love, then that no one else does. So why leave? You won’t be loved. You won’t be believed (clearly you can seen that portion what with all the ruckus in the news). And in many cases you won’t be able to make it without them bc they love you so much you don’t have to work or they allow you to only work jobs that don’t allow you to increase your skills and worth, making sure you will be dependent on them forever.

And that, sir, is why many of us stay. But even once you’re out, it takes years to recover. Assuming you find the right help. And it’s hard. And painful. And sometimes you learn things about yourself you don’t want to admit. And often you feel foolish. Leaving is very very hard.


Thanks for that perspective.


If you have a five sentence request on the neighborhood Facebook site and three of those sentences are talking about not being ripped off, getting the work cheap, and not paying a lot for the service, I don’t think you are going to get a lot of responses.

I see this all the time out there, but this one was just bad. You’ve just painted yourself as someone no independent contractor wants to work with.

It always amazes me that people write crap like “Need reliable electrician”, “Need cheap carpenter”, oh, I was going to recommend my unreliable electrician friend who charges three times the going rate.



My house doesn’t smell like smoke, specifically around my microwave, because my kids did not cook cheese filled bread sticks for 30 minutes in said microwave.

In reality they only cooked them for 11 minutes because then they were ON FIRE. Complete with alarms and the fire department.

As an aside, I have the best neighbors. I was at work. The neighbors took care of everything. They are the best.


I did not leave my Oakley’s at the restaurant today. And then my Prime Now package with my new pair did not get delivered to the neighbors, necessitating me going out in the freezing temps to find it. And THEN it did not have my new sunglasses in it with only one lens.

And they did not ship all Pixel 3 cases and screen protectors instead of 3 XL. And I don’t have to run into the OSU campus to return them rather than pay for return shipping.

I better buy a lottery ticket, bc this weekend has sure been a comedy of errors. At least everything is an annoyance and fixable. :rofl::roll_eyes:


A few things I have learned this weekend:

  1. Don’t feed the local skunk no matter how cute it is.
  2. Don’t in the dark accidentally corner said skunk.
  3. Tomato juice is bull-shark, does nothing. (The recipe recommended by animal control is 1qt hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda, and 3-4 tbs of Dawn soap.)
  4. Don’t leave hydrogen peroxide on your skin for to long, it will blister and hurt.
  5. Don’t track down your pet cat who chased the skunk so it was in front of you, to give her a bath with skunk shampoo. That is like washing a razor blade.


:laughing: I’ve had close encounters with skunks, as in running over my feet close, but I wouldn’t dream of feeding them!

Edit: Here’s a tip for when you have to give the cat a bath… wrap her in a thin towel first and wash her through the towel.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Just be glad it wasn’t a rabid something …


i had my youngest sister hold her scruff and front paws. That was a very mad Onion (cats name). To the point she didn’t come home for dinner mad… that is very rare for her. Good news is she did come home for breakfast.


Although with Greebo you’ll get more than a Claymore mine…



3rd person present: lavishes

  1. bestow something in generous or extravagant quantities on.
    “the media couldn’t lavish enough praise on the film”
    “she has always lavished money on her children”

  2. give someone generous amounts of.
    “he was lavished with gifts”

So when you say:

Steve Hansen lavishes SBW ahead of 50th Test – ‘He understands the game’

Do you actually speak English? Lavishes what?


whats a greebo?


Greebo is Nanny Ogg’s cat from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. Nasty little bugger. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh, I am ashamed to have a student who has not read Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series… :cry:


Hang your head.


Meh. I haven’t read it either. I’m a SciFi guy. The Fantasy genre doesn’t really interest me. About as close as I’ve come was the Flinx and Pip series by Alan Dean Foster.