Things you wish you could say (everywhere)


I used to give - every 8 weeks like clockwork.
O neg, CMV neg - they loved my juice.

But I HATE needles. I can’t watch, have to think about other things, look at the wall, the clock, whatever.

But big fat, stable veins means I USUALLY had no trouble. But I got faint and woozy if they had to dig around, or if the moved the needle while it was inserted.

I registered to be a bone marrow donor, and at one point got past screening-level and on to “let’s see if you’re more than just an OK match.”

The plebo tech took me into a drawing room, sat me down, then proceed to pull out HANDFULS of VacuTainers. I’m sure I was getting pale, imagining the number of times the Big Fat Needle would be moved while she swapped those in and out.

Then she pulled out my new favorite blood draw toy: a butterfly IV needle!
She used the back of my hand to get a vein, taped that sucker down tight, and had a short length of tubing attached… THAT got the VacuTainer movement. Nice… slower, due to the bore of the butterfly, but speed was not an issue for this.
I was VERY happy.


Those are a lifesaver! The last time I had to do bloodwork, they pulled 6 or 7 vials of blood. I was about ready to pass out from blood loss, but not from too many holes in the arm. :wink:


That’s what they’ve been using for chemo.

And I’m A neg CMV negative. I had started giving double red right before I was diagnosed.


Hey, Doctor, slow down! Sometimes it takes me a few seconds to remember the information you’re asking about. If you then start jabbering away before I answer your question, then I have to divide my time between trying to remember the information you’re asking about and concentrating on what you’re now saying so I don’t miss anything important.

And when I do answer, please listen to what I am saying. Don’t stop listening when you reach the point where you think you’ve heard everything you need to know. I’m pretty sure you missed somewhere between a third and a half of what I was trying to say. Let me finish providing the answers that you asked for, and then you can decide what’s relevant and what isn’t.


I really could have skipped the personal demonstration of the Butterfly Effect, thankyewverymuch.


I did not just burn my arm on a cast iron skillet. :tired_face::tired_face:


Ouch! I hope it’s not too bad.


Not good when it’s already starting to blister. Oh well. It’ll match the one on my other arm. :woman_facepalming:


Reminds me of ‘kung fu’ with David Carradine back then.


“Oh, we’re still going ahead with this outdoor chopstick making demo even though it’s 31C (humidex of 47C) and no clouds or wind at all? Perfect.”

Anyone who knows me knows how much I hate the heat. I did the demo and had a great time. I was outside during the hottest part of the day for 4 hours, nonstop. No breaks. I didn’t feel like I was suffering all that much, put everything back in the car and went home.

I was in bed at 8pm and slept for 12 hours. Now I’m up and all of my joints are swollen. I think I’ll just have a lie-in today with lots of liquids and a cool shower or two. The lawn can wait.


Yeah, best to take it relaxed as you may have dehydrated yourself. Only a fool will try to be a superman and run the chance of something nasty like a heart attack or stroke.


My cat did not use my arm as a launch pad and leave a three inch scratch.


Ouch. That must’ve hurt.


@Rizak feeling better today?


Well, quite a bit. Yes. I started my vacation with a 7km walk and doing everything around the house. I made my girlfriend paranoid because she told me she isn’t used to be actually being efficient. She was worried because I wasn’t just sitting in front of the tv all day eating bad food.


Yeah, the dog wanted to get up on the back of the sofa to see what was up in the kitchen last Sunday and went through me. Drove a foot into my chest so hard I expected a bruise! He’s 18 pounds!


My cat is only 10 pounds but she needs her nails trimmed badly. That’s usually a job for Mrs. Force10 because she has better luck keeping her calm.

I’m just glad the other cat is much more chill. He’s too lazy to run around like that. :slight_smile:


Of course it’s always the last place you look that you find things. When you find it you stop looking.
That’s one of the stupidest sayings around.


Looks like I’m not quite done putting money into my old truck. I kind of need the vent fan so I can run the defroster when the weather gets cold and I really don’t want to experience what happens if the power steering pump seizes.


Here’s a post I never thought I’d have to make again…
All my co-workers kids are tucked in bed and accounted for.

A friend’s daughter is missing here in Columbus. Last seen near apartments by 70/Brice. Clearly her family is very distraught. Shared the FB posting to every group I can think of but she’s been missing since 4am and is probably with a male counterpart. Not cool.

I’m attaching the pic for the handful of people here in town, but also for those of you on the I-70 corridor both to the east as west. Most likely she is still in town, but you never know…

ETA:. She has been found. Her friend has not. :cry: