Things you wish you could say (everywhere)


Damn you only waited a week to go in? I put it off for 3 months. I don’t recommend that.


Naw, man. It’s only been 3 days, but I headed out of town Friday, before I knew it was going to get bad, then Saturday and Sunday were weekend and not at home, so today was the first chance I had to see a dentist. I have an appointment for 8AM tomorrow. If I’m lucky, it won’t require a root canal.


The hard drive in my laptop is not trying to bite the dust.

Guess I’m doing that SSD upgrade a bit sooner than I expected.


Fingers crossed for you. I had the drilling part done and that sucked. My tooth still needs the crown, which means my tooth is mostly glue. Its been a year. To bad my medical doesn’t cover dental.


Thanks, eh.

Dang, man. That can’t be fun.


Mehh i cant feel it, and i make sure its super clean. I am saving the money to go get it fixed. so it should be done soon.


Talking about teeth… I was in Mozambique a while ago, for site installation.

The one morning I drank a glass of pomelo juice, and that set off one tooth to ache the whole time.

I did not had any insurance either, and decided to tough it out for a few days until I was back in South Africa.

Thankfully the ache stopped at the end of the day, and I pulled that tooth two weeks later. It was not salvageable anyway, had a nice hole in the side (between the two teeth) so it was not easy to clean or see that hole.


This is a cautionary tale against drinking pomelo juice.


That was not the most painful blood donation experience I’ve had (and I’ve donated over 30 times)


Holy crap Ook. That is hard core.


Gorram it Barnes and Noble, your “sales audit” department can go suck a fat one. This is the third time I’ve tried to order from your online store and your audit department cancelled the order for “not passing your order validation checks” but I can’t resolve this via email, only via your phone line which is only open from 10AM to 4PM my time, while I’m at work.

Die in a fire.


I was going to post something last month about how my 104th donation was probably the smoothest i’d ever experienced. I guess it takes a while to get into the swing of it.


Usually it’s pretty good. The guy today just didn’t seem to do it right and as a result it hurt like hell for the first 45 seconds. I’m surprised I don’t have a huge bruise from it.


The skill of the phlebotomists varies widely.


I’ve only had 2 issues donating over the years, the most recent was about 10 years ago and no matter what they did, no blood would draw, turns out that when they made the initial stab a ‘plug’ of skin went into the needle and nothing would come through…

The worst one though was in college, a faulty needle and a clumsy trainee meant I ended up with a broken spike in my arm for a short bit.

I’m always hopeful that my personal RNG doesn’t turn up badly when I go, but I accept that it just might.


I used to give quite a bit, my favorites are the trainees that come out on the blood bus. I have hard to see veins sometimes that people assume will roll because I’m heavy. Every time I’m like, no just touch right there and you’ll find it and it won’t move. Do I need to take the needle? But now I don’t get to give blood, they just take small vials at a time and use it for ritual magic or something.

The IVs I was getting for chemo really sucked. Out of the four times last month I think I got stuck 9 or 10 times. They kept going for the vein on the side of my forearm and hitting valves, which really hurts if they push on through. Communicate with them and tell them where to stick you for an IV if you’ve had enough to know where to go.


We train phlebotomists here at the school I teach at. Every six weeks we have trainees running through the halls looking for victims err… test subjects. I must decline because I have deep, hard to find veins that even experienced phlebotomists have difficulty with. The last time I had a newbie I ended up with 8 holes in me before they found a place where they could get blood.


Omg why did you let the students near you ???


It wasn’t a newbie here. It was at a hospital and I needed blood tests. They didn’t say the person was a newbie, but it was pretty easy to tell.


Dear lord that sucks!