Things you wish you could say (everywhere)


Dear M$FT

Stop borking our WSUS server with wonky win10 payloads.

Already I had to rebuild one and use SQL Express instead of the builtin SQL variant it uses.

Next week I’ll have to repeat the procedure for our remote sites.

Bastards. Why is win10 so special that its updates tend to bork WSUS?


No wonder why I burned through 5GB of iCloud storage space. Every picture on my iPhone is in Live Photo format. Apple, if I wanted a video instead of a picture, no matter how short it is, I would have switched it to video mode.

And because I can’t get iTunes on my computer to recognize the phone any longer, I will either have to get a third party program to grab the pictures off the phone or else email them to myself one at a time.

Why is it when I want to unlock the phone, I have to push the button at the bottom of the screen twice before I can get to the keypad? “Try again” makes it sound like I pushed the wrong button. I don’t need jittery icons when I want to move them or the words “try again” looking like they’re trying to play Space Invaders when I press that button.

“You use an Android phone at work, so you should get an iPhone for your first cell phone so you can find out how it does things,” I said to myself. I am beginning to regret that decision.


You live, you learn.


I did not wake up with a headache and with every muscle in my body screaming (for explanation why, see soon-to-be-made post in Home Ownership thread). It did not take 800mg ibuprofen, breakfast, a monster, some coffee, and three glasses of water to dull the pain enough to leave the house and run all my errands. And it is not coming back with a vengeance just in time for me to start hauling all the trash to the curb and start the cycle all over again. Migraines suck.

At least it’s been a long time since I’ve had one this bad. Well, I take that back. Had a really bad one on vacation but was able to fix it with rest, monster, and breakfast. But before that it had been a few months. But today was the perfect storm of hormones, long nights/tired from the past week or so, muscle pain from house stuff, and surprisingly lack of stress. That last category doesn’t make sense, but I guess for some people when you are stressed and amped up your body keeps things under control but once the stress is gone certain hormone levels or whatnot drop and your body’s compensatory systems cause there to be pressure in your brain and triggers a migraine. Weird. The body is weird.