Things you wish you could say (everywhere)


But vintage sounds better than “old and busted!”


‘Vintage’ for toilets usually refers to one that still has a five gallon tank as opposed to the ‘modern’ varieties that use and hold less water. They don’t make the old ones anymore, but as many folks prefer them, a secondary market developed.


Meh. I hear you on the toilet tanks, but people around here are slapping vintage on just about anything. The toilet guy had a picture of it mixed in with construction trash, so I’m dubious that he was even aware of the tank differentiation.


A prominent Canadian winery owner has been accused of sexual misconduct, and a lot of restaurants and other outlets are pulling away.

It made me think (for about a minute) of putting up a fake news article somewhere about how the owner/operator of Really Horrible Enterprises is not really as horrible as his company would lead you to believe. No allegations of abuse of power, salty language, or sexual anythinging have been reported to any agency of any kind, and that people have remarked that he is actually a pretty good guy.

It’s in poor taste, though. Even for me. This is as close as I could come.


Holy fuck. I know this guy. Not well, but I’ve met him several times, and been to the winery. He’s one of the leading lights in the Prince Edward County winery scene.


Yeah, I figured you’d either know or it would be of great interest to you specifically. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out domestically in a smaller microcosm.


Great way to sabotage somebody’s business…