Things you wish you could say (everywhere)


But vintage sounds better than “old and busted!”


‘Vintage’ for toilets usually refers to one that still has a five gallon tank as opposed to the ‘modern’ varieties that use and hold less water. They don’t make the old ones anymore, but as many folks prefer them, a secondary market developed.


Meh. I hear you on the toilet tanks, but people around here are slapping vintage on just about anything. The toilet guy had a picture of it mixed in with construction trash, so I’m dubious that he was even aware of the tank differentiation.


A prominent Canadian winery owner has been accused of sexual misconduct, and a lot of restaurants and other outlets are pulling away.

It made me think (for about a minute) of putting up a fake news article somewhere about how the owner/operator of Really Horrible Enterprises is not really as horrible as his company would lead you to believe. No allegations of abuse of power, salty language, or sexual anythinging have been reported to any agency of any kind, and that people have remarked that he is actually a pretty good guy.

It’s in poor taste, though. Even for me. This is as close as I could come.


Holy fuck. I know this guy. Not well, but I’ve met him several times, and been to the winery. He’s one of the leading lights in the Prince Edward County winery scene.


Yeah, I figured you’d either know or it would be of great interest to you specifically. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out domestically in a smaller microcosm.


Great way to sabotage somebody’s business…


That implies that the accusations are false. He has admitted to some, but not all, of them.


You know, if you’re going to be a telemarketing company or a scammer, spend a few extra bucks to get an auto-dialing system that can actually tell when someone’s answered the phone.


Thanks Vodaphone, you’ve just taken a reasonably useful (but not very pretty) app and turned it into a good looking pile of unusable junk.

Give me the old app back please.


Sounds like Microsoft.


So many times.

I’ve been having problems with my Facebook feed for the last 7 weeks, ever since they “upgraded” how it works. Now, I only see what has been added to my feed since my last visit. Only in the browser. The Win10 app works fine, if it is a bit slow. Also, no ads. The phone app also works fine. It’s just in the browser, any browser, on any machine.



I fscking hate the Android app. It is a pig. Even with background data and other permissions turned off, it is a memory and battery sucking pile of crap. It also has a habit of getting stuck in a failure-to-launch loop sometimes after rebooting the phone*. Not when I try to launch the app, just on its own trying to do whatever shenanigans it does in the background. So I reboot, then get a series of app crashed popups. Drives me up the wall. Sometimes force stopping a few times makes it stop, but other times I have to reboot again. That’s why it is currently uninstalled. But it has been uninstalled and reinstalled several times, and will probably be reinstalled again when I’m out fishing or something and people want to see what’s shakin’.

*I have to reboot my phone way too often because of the other piece of shit app, Fitbit. It will do background sync just fine most of the time, but if I open it to look at progress or comment in a challenge, it will stop talking to the tracker until I reboot. Stupid app. It has one primary function - pull data from the tracker and sync it to the account - but they’ve added so may bells and whistles, it no longer does the primary function reliably.


Reminds one of the Vasa.

Refer to this :


“Error: something went wrong”

Gee, thanks Windows. Could you maybe go just that little bit further and tell me what went wrong, and with which application?

This is why I use Macs still.


Another of my pet peeves, if an app does the sudden death thing without anything in the logs or whatever… GAH.


Heh, or just blames a crash on core 0 and you realise that you’ve been running old applications and so everything has been running through core 0.


Drug is not the past tense of drag.
If you drug someone, it means something quite different to having dragged them somewhere.


I wish I could make people understand that ‘different to’ is not correct.

One thing differs FROM another. Things are similar TO one another.

It is always ‘different from’.

Here endeth the lesson.


Why can’t people just say ‘no’?

I was out for lunch the other day, and a lovely, young woman walked up to the counter and asked the owner for the WiFi password.

“I’m sorry, we don’t have public WiFi.”
“That’s okay. I just need the password.”
“I’m sorry, but we don’t share that password.”
“You can put it in my phone so I won’t know it. I won’t tell anyone.”
“I’m sorry, but we can’t do that.”

Okay, she was a bit entitled and just couldn’t get the concept that she wasn’t going to get their WiFi, but at what point do you just have to use that alien word ‘no’? My god. You’re running a chip truck! How much shit do you have to take? I’m sure that she needs to hear that word a few more times in her life.