Things you wish you could say (everywhere)


This is fun. I can’t wait to do it again in a few weeks!

What I am really saying: Do I really need to take a pain pill right now or can I tough it out since the pain will go away in a few minutes? Now I’ve got a better idea of how medication abuse gets started.


We are able to coordinate a mother’s day gift without drama, especially while I am dealing with medical issues on my wife’s side and several other issues.


Hey, a head bump on a 91 yo guy on anti-coagulants is no big deal! He’ll shake that right off!

What the docs said: “This might not be survivable.”

What the Dubious siblings are now saying: “Dad’s memorial service will be on the 15th.”

Memorial Stuff

Oh, I’m so sorry! Take care of yourself and your family.


I’m so sorry to hear that, Doc. :frowning:


Sorry to hear that, Doc. All of the best!


I figured out how to fix my projector. The lamp error was very easily located with a simple online search and in just a few minutes it was fixed!



Oh I do love ADT and their insane decision to make their burglar alarms go off in the event of power failure. I especially love it when the power fails at five thirty in the morning on my day off.


And now you have the whole day ahead of you!

(Morning person here)


I am not so lazy that I refuse to walk across the parking lot to get a monster and instead would rather sit here in my truck and be thirsty.


Usually it’s my dog that wakes me at an unreasonably early time on my day off.

I’m thankful we didn’t get any thunderstorms last night, as he ends to climb on my head and/or shake so much the entire bed shakes. (Note, this is an under 20 pound dog.)


One of ours was not quite that bad when we got him, but used to be terribly afraid of storms. He would hide under the bed, too, but I could hear his tags rattling. They usually sleep at the foot of the bed with a couple of those cheap throw blankets to curl up on or under. I used to wrap him in one of those blankets, like swaddling, and hold him in my arms against my chest, and before long he would stop shivering. He has been much more relaxed after being dry and safe through the past few years’ springtime storms that flooded Houston over and over.


Why the heck is every mistake made in professional sport a “brain explosion”?

The guy just missed the ball, his head did not explode as it happened :roll_eyes:


Actually said during the Royal Wedding this morning:

  • That word is borderline racist now
  • That’s not Yanni. Yanni is neither Asian nor a Cellist.
  • You’re thinking of Yo-Yo Ma
  • And Yo-Yo Ma is not the 19 year old black man you see there


Patmore said teenagers, especially boys, often weren’t equipped with common sense but that didn’t make them criminals.

Um … you do know they were driving a stolen car at ridiculously high speeds right? That’s not just a lack of common sense, that is criminal behaviour. You don’t get a free pass to steal stuff and endanger other people just because you are 14 or 15 years old. I have sympathy for the loss of your son, but I suspect that your attitude is partly why he is now dead.


Right from the bat kids should know that taking other people’s property without permission is not the right thing.

I want to get off this world.


That’s in a high trust society. In a low trust society you take whatever is laying around that doesn’t belong to family or tribe. They’d do it to you so you better strike first. I’ve dealt with people like this, some of whom are family, and they literally don’t see anything wrong with it, and don’t even really see it as stealing. You weren’t taking care of it so they borrowed it and sold it.


My dog didn’t turn 14 today. Because he’s still a puppy to me…


If you don’t want to wash your hands, that’s your decision. But don’t activate the sink so you can fake having washed your hands. That’s just wasteful no matter what kind of faucet it is, but this was one of those push button faucets that slowly moves back up to shut the water off after a certain amount of time. So 30-45 seconds’ worth of water was sent unused into the drain because you were a jerk.


[To probably almost half the people posting on Craigslist]

All of your old junk is not VINTAGE.

Seriously, I just saw a post for a “Vintage toilet”.