Things you wish you could say (everywhere)



oh, and



Moar WTF-ness. Neigh neigh.


I can see that for someone who raises prize horses. In the area where I live, there are a number of places that have horses worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Each. And they breed them.


Ah, Marin County. Some of those people have more money than they know what to do with.


Very sneaky. Using an ad on a website to force a redirect to a page that displays the “your computer has a virus and you better call us right now!” scam. I see this tactic has been out there for a couple of years, but I somehow missed it until today. Seems I also missed the part where it starts blaring a sound file that tries to frighten you into obeying because I had the speakers turned off from the last time an ad started playing sound instead of being auto-muted.


“No. Fuck you. No.”

I’m trying to give away a pair of tickets to the Home + Garden Show this weekend on our internal buy/sell network. I’ve had 5 people in a row jump on them, then when I ask for confirmation they say they aren’t interested.

Maybe I should charge $1 each and then this won’t happen.

OO! FREE? Yeah. Gimme! Oh, wait. What is it actually? Okay, I don’t need that. I just have this irrational desire to prevent anyone else from getting something that might be free.



Don’t ask me to delegate things to you if you don’t have time to do things for me.


Doesn’t matter if it’s free or not. Everything I’ve sold online is like that.


Is the windshield on my car under tension? I’ve never seen a rock strike turn into a foot-long crack in less than 8 hours before.


Usually when they put the windshield in, it is not under tension, but when you drive the car, over a long period of time, the windshield take up tension due to your car’s bodywork expanding slightly. Only a few micromillimeters, but enoough to put the shield under tension, and when somebody pushes on a part of the windshield/windscreen (or a rock hit it) a crack will start to run.

You can either have a reputable company put in some crack filler which (hopefully) will stop the crack, or replace the windscreen. Or sell the car.


I had a new crack develop when we got our last cold spell. Over a week, it had several growth spurts, the largest of which was probably around 8 inches. Then, for some unknown reason, on a perfectly fine day last week, it jump a foot across the windshield during the day while I was in the office… When I was driving to work, it seemed to be perfectly content to be way over on the passenger side (it started right at the A pillar over there), but when I got in to drive home, it extended across the middle third of the glass. Bastard.


I’ve got a crack on my Rolla’s windscreen. It seems not to be extending any more, but I’m not going to take any chances. First thing that I’ll do when I have some money available, will be to fix it so it won’t spread any more.

I’ve seen worse windscreen cracks. And a windscreen is not just exactly cheap… unless you can get a good secondhand one…


Ah the days of pushing on a crack in a windshield to try and get it to turn up or down and not shoot across the whole windshield… Never worked. Well hardly ever.


I just wanted to wish everyone here who celebrates Chocolatemass a belated but very happy Engorgement Day.


[mmmmmmffff] Chocolate? We don’t [mffmmmm oh damn that’s good] have any [mmmm sigh] chocolate here.


Hail Jesus


I want to end my work message with ‘Hail Hydra’.


There should be a way to do it in email since most of them support formatted text. Just change the text size to something small like 3 point and the color to a very light gray so it’s almost invisible.

If you’re talking a voice mail greeting, use the “DolphinAttack” method that’s been disrupting voice assistants like Siri and Alexa. Record “Hail Hydra!”, use software to shift it into the ultrasonic range, then play it at the end of when you’re recording your new greeting message. Or just drop the volume on a normally-said recording to where it’s quieter than a whisper. Either way, it will be there and only certain people will notice it.


Famdamily drama’s overrated.

Just forgive, forget and get on with your life, don’t hold grudges against others for the rest of your life. All that negative energy’s not good for you.


My step daughters’ family is like that. When their grandfather died on that side their father hadn’t talked to him in like 6 years. They’d seen each other, but no conversation at all. All about something little that just sat there like a wedge.

I refuse to go that way. There might be certain topics I avoid, but I’ll be damned if someone in my family thinks they can wall me off.