Things you wish you could say (everywhere)


The thing is, I actually had to read it twice before I understood what they were saying.
Spelling and punctuation are important. We all know that punctuation can save lives:
let’s eat, Grandpa
let’s eat Grandpa


Piano for sale by lady with heavy carved legs.


Hey, the stupid banner is gone! They get a reprieve.


Yeah - I wonder if they had a s**tstorm of protesting. It was even more horrendously intrusive than their adverts.

And back to the pedantic bits, one thing I have been seeing quite a bit recently that I really don’t understand is

we’re going to try a new tact

No, you are not going to try a new diplomacy - that makes no sense whatsoever. You are going to try a new tack (direction/path)
Do people just parrot these sayings without actually thinking about what they mean?*

* No need to answer that, it’s completely rhetorical and I already know the answer :wink:


So, it’s a mute point then? [cringe]

M.O.O.T. It is a MOOT point.

Don’t say mute in front of the lawyers. Please? (Happens in my office with some regularity.)


Hey, I could care less which way it’s supposed to be.


Word Crimes!


Irritates me when people use breaks for brakes, their for there and so on.

I have given up on correcting them, it just never stop

Bob the Angry Flower ( did a couple of good rants on that subject as well.



Finally sold the couch…

Oh, wait, nope, they messaged me two minutes before they were supposed to pull up in my driveway saying they had to use the money for something else really important… after making me wait three days.

I have to wonder, are people doing this shit for fun or what?


It’s called trolling. And it’s a art.


I get that being mortgage free is unusual, but I really doubt it’s unheard of. If your system raises this as a red flag then your system sucks - being mortgage free means I am more likely to be able to pay the loan, not less likely.

Also, don’t send me an email stating “We’ve noticed you haven’t yet accepted our offer of a Gem Visa card.” unless you have actually sent me the f*#&ing offer. It’s really difficult to accept something you haven’t received.

There were two options for finance, I really wish I’d gone for the other one.