Things you wish you could say (everywhere)


Yup, when they went apeshit with the banners is when I blocked them, too. A while back, when the browsers were doing updates every other day, the ad block plugin was having trouble keeping up, so a couple times a week it would look like the Vegas strip. I’m pretty sure the worst offender was the one at the top that bumped the page down (kind of like PriceBlink usually does to shopping sites), because I think that was the one that was calling the page to relaod/refresh the page. That’s horse shit, because it tells all the ads to reload, so I assume the view counters keep going up and up.


I don’t understand how 20 people can tell me they want my couch within 10 minutes of me posting it. Yet here I am three days later trying to get anyone to respond to me. Out of the top 10 people only like three have answered me, and each of the ones that’s said no has had an issue with it that has nothing to do with my actual couch… I only want to spend $250, “I asked for $350 and you said you wanted it, what exactly is the issue here?”, It’s too big… “I put the measurements in my post, and you didn’t ask me to clarify them, you just replied that it was too big after I said it was yours”, Do you have animals, “Yes, they are listed in the post, and my actual dog is in one of the pictures…”

A relative of mine is doing screen printed shirts and stuff, she’s considering hiring someone to do her weeding, she’s spending more time dealing with people who don’t actually want to buy anything than she is with real customers… WTF people. I’m sure I’ve lost a couple potential buyers because I’m going through these one by one. One asked me half a dozen questions, took three or four hours for the whole thing, and they are the ones that had the price issue. Listen, don’t ask me all this shit and then bail because you didn’t want to spend that much. Does it matter if I have a cat if it’s $100 more than you want to spend?


If a serving size is 3 taquitos and the cooking direction talks about 6 taquitos, why does the package say it comes with 23 taquitos?


Fractional taquitos are the basis of polite society.


Sounds like something the BOFH will do… :stuck_out_tongue:


Notalwaysright - I use a Linux box for general web browsing at work, and tend to ignore ads on top and to the right of the page.

Honestly. I zone them out somehow, and focus on what I want to read.


I got frustrated with the Not Always sites a while back and ended up disabling javascript on them as well as running an AdBlocker (uBlock Origin currently). This has prevented me from getting any of the ‘garbage’… YMMV


Because they are properly called rolled tacos.

No one outside SoCal seems to know that. :slight_smile:


You can call it a fred sanford sandwich, that doesn’t change the math. Those little bite size pizza pocket snack thingies are always like that, too… they never have enough in the bag to cook batches according to the directions. Brings this to mind:

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy defines the marketing division of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation as “a bunch of mindless jerks who’ll be the first against the wall when the revolution comes,” with a footnote to the effect that the editors would welcome applications from anyone interested in taking over the post of robotics correspondent.

Curiously enough, an edition of the Encyclopedia Galactica that had the good fortune to fall through a time warp from a thousand years in the future defined the marketing division of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation as “a bunch of mindless jerks who were the first against the wall when the revolution came.”

  • Bots
  • A-holes

Craigslist is a cesspool.


May I be permitted to point out that Sir forgot to make mention of trolls?


I didn’t know that @dakboy had been Knighted! Congrats, eh!



This is Facebook Marketplace, so in theory these are real people.

I did finally sell it, by skipping a dozen people and going to one of the people that was already communicating with me. Pickup on Friday. Then I need to dig my loveseat and chairs out of the garage.


Yeah what is it with marketplace people? A million questions then a pass. And the people who would have taken it have moved on by then. Or my new favorite, asking if I will take PayPal and ship a $15 box of toys. Um, no. You can come to pick them up or they must not be that important to you. It’s already an amazing deal, you can put in some effort.


Sounds like a great name for a rock band.


Dear makers of all microwave dinners:

If your directions say to remove the plastic from one section of the tray but you don’t seal the plastic against the divider walls inside the tray, there is no need to poke any holes or make a slit in the rest of the sections. It’s already got the ventilation it needs.


I am very unhappy with the number of times that I’ve had to give police officers my card because an accident happened right in front of me. Today’s was particularly nasty, and I wasn’t a very good witness because it was, “Hey, you guys are driving like idiots” followed by wham car parts all over the road.


You should really have waited until you got all of the parts in before you called me in make the appointment to fix my phone.

I now have a phone with a new battery, but the screen has black spots all over it, the upper right corner looks like it was folded down, and the top part of the screen doesn’t work. They ordered a new screen at the same time as the battery since it was likely that the screen would need to be replaced with the battery, but now I have a partially functional phone until it comes in. :frowning:

I can’t play PoGo because I can’t turn the location on. The button for that in the tools is at the top of the screen, which doesn’t work.


There will be a full investigation in the route cause of the outage, the spokeswoman said.

Hang on, why would where the trains were travelling have caused the power fault? Did one of the routes cross the power lines and cut them or something?

I’d be inclined to look for the root cause rather than just limiting yourself to the routes.

First IT job

[couPEDANTgh] :laughing:

(Disclaimer: this is definitely something I would say myself)