Things you wish you could say (everywhere)


There is not a winter storm coming our way potentially dumping a foot of snow on the city. This will paralyze central Ohio, and I have big plans this weekend. Pretty sure I will be throwing it into 4x4 and toughing it out. I bought a new dress for this, d@mn it!!


I’m hoping that I will get home before the storm hits. After which, I plan on staying home until it passes.

Long range forecast says we’re in for a week of severe suck.


I know… But this is my weekend to hang with my friends and darn it we are doing it. Nothing will get in the way of determined women. Plus, it’s phantom. PHANTOM! I will just crash at her house afterwards. But, Phantom… :blush::blush:


Of course for everyone saying they prefer being at home because you don’t have to put up with kids and sticky floors and people being loud in the back, you could always pick showings at unusual times… this is us going to see The Disaster Artist.

It was bliss.


We’re supposed to drive cross-state for my mother’s birthday and late Christmas on Saturday morning. Weather predictions for our area consist of “travel will be extremely difficult, maybe impossible” for most of Saturday.


I see this guy in my head…


I hate when I buy a new dress for something and then can’t go.


This is like a weird, bad sitcom. Please get off my couch and seek proper medical attention.


How. The. Hell. Did the water supply for the toilet get shut off?


Gah. This heat. Meh.

A wet T-shirt helps.


My lifespan outside in a wet tshirt could be measured in minutes in this weather, possibly lots of seconds.

I know it’s summer there, but still.


But only if you are of the correct gender, and have the requisite figure to carry it off.


Which is the idea - showing off my belly and moobs to world+dog and scarring them for life :smile:


I’ve never knows a situation that couldn’t be helped by a wet t-shirt.


Dear Not Always Right.

Piss off with your dishonest anti-ad block popups.

Why is it that when you detect an ad blocker you only pass on 2 adverts for it to block, but when I turn off my ad blocker there are suddenly adverts plastered all over the page?

I’m happy to support your site by seeing adverts if you do so in a reasonable way. Sites like yours are why I got an ad blocker in the first place. Asshats.


Are you sure you don’t want to watch “The Voice”? Because they were certain I’d want to watch it last week.


Agreed and agreed on adverts.

They just suck up your preciouses bandwidth, and is an excellent vector for binary diseases, such as miners, cryptolockers and the such, which we don’t want.

I’m in the process of setting up a proper firewall solution at my domicilium, a plain Mikrotik just doesn’t cut it anymore. Then I can play around with blocking ads and the such.


Dilly dilly!

They will probably not be on my radar to check semi-regularly for very much longer.
And this doesn’t help their cause…

EDIT to say… In fact, the ridiculous barrage of ads which constantly reloaded and drove the browser’s processor and memory usage through the roof is why their ads got black listed in the first place. Bastards…


Yep, that was bad enough, but the thing that pissed me off the most was that when they displayed that pop-up my ad blocker showed that it had blocked 2 ads. I thought that wasn’t too bad so I white listed the site, only to find that there were way more than 2 ads. I didn’t count them, but they were plastered all over the page and really annoying flashing monstrosities.
Back to black listing immediately…


TVTropes does the same ‘guilt-ware’ thing. Oddly, I don’y use an ad-blocker on this machine, but I guess the corporate firewall does the job.