Things you wish you could say (everywhere)


I hate that shit. Let me shop in peace.


The first time this happens, I’d be annoyed.
The second time, I’m not stopping and I’m staring into your blank lifeless eyes while I walk into you so you know I did it with malice in my heart and mind.
Get the fuck out [of] the way.

I normally kick things that impede my progress.


Wow… talk about vile…

Here at work we have a Halloween game every year where a small glass jar is filled with an assortment of candy: snack sized chocolate, bubble gum, suckers, M&Ms… whatever.

The jar is sealed, and for the next two weeks anyone who wants to enter can guess how many items are in the jar. The winner gets the jar and the candy.

The winner this year “contributed” the candy to the office. I just had a Reece’s cup.
With heavy overtones of bubble gum, mint, Jolly Rancher flavors.

Nasty… easy to avoid snacking on THAT batch.


So, the Halloween Candy ProTip is to keep chocolate candy segregated from lesser candies?
I’m gonna do that tonight when I get home, because I’m certain the contents of the chocolate mix bag (snickers, milky way, etc.) were dumped in with the contents of the non-chocolates (sweet-tarts, nerds, bottle caps, etc.). Hopefully, none of the flavors are strong enough to leech into something else.


Really WeTransfer? Borking out every so often when trying to download one big file? Bah.

Downloading them one by one works better, and is faster too.

edit : We got sent two big files. Each file contains three movie clips (around 300Mb each). WeChat, it seems, doesn’t like gigglebyte downloads, so it bombs out after 85% or so…

Luckily I can download these movie clips separately. Downloads goes faster and if one bombs out, it is just a matter of 300Mb that need to be restarted, not some 1Gb…



For Christmas, I mean.
I have no idea anymore and so many women to buy for. So many.


Buy them a subscription to Meh… magazine? :stuck_out_tongue:


aw shame, widdle haxx0r can’t hack my FTP server… what is wrong?

Poor widdle haxx0r points and laughs



We ordered a single-phase electricity connection to our freeholding.

What did you guys went and install a 3-phase distribution box for? Now you need to come out again and install the correct box.



Replaced both front wheel bearings on my 'Rolla two months ago.

Now the right-hand one is starting to make a humming noise. Meh shmeh. Must’ve been a dud.



I don’t have a hurt foot that I need to have a doctor look at. I won’t need a prescription for anything because it will go away on its own. I will not have to walk across the parking lot to the store next door in the heaviest rain I’ve seen all year to get the prescription filled.

What I can say:

RRabbit, shut up. You’ve got a house you can go back and dry off there. Others don’t.


I am not on medical leave because I have to sit with my foot propped up.


Dud bearing replaced three weeks ago. All good so far.


What the f&*k is rivitalising?

Do you perhaps mean revitalising?
That red line under the word usually means you’ve spelled it wrong, not that the spell checker is wrong.


Kid, if you think what’s on your phone is more interesting than what’s on the movie screen, you shouldn’t have come to see The Last Jedi.


One of the major reasons I’ll rather watch a movie at home instead of on the big screen.

People are so much more inconsiderate these days.


Being able to pause, rewind, and turn on captions is great, but if a Star Wars movie comes out, I want to see it in the theater the first time. The immersion, free from distractions, really improves the experience.

Granted sitting ten feet away from a 50"+ screen with the lights off and the surround cranked is pretty good, but I’ve never had to get up to let the dog out in the theater.


Also the “sharing with a crowd” experience. I really noticed this with The Last Jedi. The collective gasps, giggles and silences I think made seeing the the film a richer experience.


There’s a silent moment in The Last Jedi that apparently has surprised a lot of people. I’ve heard some theaters actually had to put up signs about the silent bits as people thought it was a projection error.


On the topic of movies, I also prefer at home but some movies need a theater experience. We tend to go to the Alamo for theater watching. Reserved seating and a strict no talking policy helps a lot.

But I’ve found watching movies at home on the VR is getting nicer. Large screens and a theater environment. You can also invite people into your ‘theater’ to watch a movie or make them public. One of the theater programs (Big Picture) had a thing recently where they broadcast Top Gun. Anyone could log in and watch it at the posted times. You could watch it privately or with a bunch of people. I wasn’t online during it so I can say how it was, but I do enjoy the experience. Oh and they can also do 3D movies too if your file is encoded properly.