Things you wish you could say (everywhere)


Yep, I understand that - and it applies to almost everything, not just gender equity. I think in this case it depends on context. If you are treating someone differently solely because of their gender then it’s bad, but if it’s common courtesy then it’s good. Unfortunately, working out what is common courtesy is sometimes a minefield.


$@##% this fire. It’s been almost a week, and despite all of the firefighters, police, FEMA and others coming from everywhere, the (now) largest fire is only 10% contained. I want a full night of sleep so bad…


In honor of @Nabiki, I slept really good last night. Probably doesn’t help at all, though. :wink:


I didn’t just have a tooth crack…

Or maybe a filling, whatever.


Yes, I do realize you wanted something to blag.

No, I’m denying you access to my smallholding. That’s why we put branches full of thorns in your favourite sneaky path, so you could not enter via the back way any more.

And was it really neccessary to drop a piece of barbed wire on my driveway just to spite me?

Si vis pacem, para bellum. You’ll get the short end of the stick, not me. Stay. the. f***. away.


Ouch. A cracked tooth is a bad thing.

A chipped filling is better as it can just be repaired.


It was mostly filling, and it’s repaired now. Yay for calling early.

What’s a blag? And if I read your whole post correctly, someone was sneaking on to your property and stealing stuff and you blocked their path and they actually said something to you? Or was their response the barbed wire?


Blag = ze britisher slang for steal

I was just overly sarcastic here, especially with the discovery of the barbed wire.

Seriously they can get knotted.


I prefer the current slang, stolen from the police: twoc (pron: twock) - take without owners consent.

It’s the Britcop version of GTA, but works for things that aren’t cars too.

“Did you just twoc my chips?” :rofl:



Each to his own, I suppose :smile:


I liked the term some central Pennsylvania friends preferred, which was ‘hork’ for various relatively low-level theft or appropriation. You wouldn’t hork a car normally, but could hork something from a store, or hork a tool from someone’s desk you’d (of course) forget to return.


I’ve also heard hork used for grab/eat. “Let’s hork some food.” There is a good chance the source was from upstate New York, but that’s unconfirmed.


“No! No, no! Don’t just hork it down!”

Bonus points if you say it in Patten Oswald’s voice.


I’ve heard it used for both directions.


Lol, I hadn’t, but I guess it is just super versatile!


I’ve heard it used that way but also used for puking, as in “I just horked up my lunch”.


Schlock Mercenary uses hork for bringing up food and/or equipment (schlock who tend to stow his equipment in his mouth)


That’s where I see it the most.


Your company apparently has a “greet all customers when they come in” policy. But doing so by moving in front of them so you block their path and forcing them to stop so they can talk to you? Not good. Changes a friendly greeting into an adversarial “why are you in our store?” reaction.


So much this.

While we don’t have this kind of thing in SA yet, I can imagine it must be irritating if you want to come in quickly, grab one or two things, pay for these, and leave…