Things you wish you could say (everywhere)


Dear Mr Intruder

This morning we noticed you left the gate open in your haste to get away from our doggies.

I sincerely hope you have learnt your lesson not to trespass on other people’s properties.



by the by, wish I could get a rabid chicken from hell with glowing red eyes and a really nasty cackle that will scare the heebiejeebies out of ne’er-do-wells…


My son-in-law used to raise roosters that could be used for cock fighting. As far as I know he never fought them, apparently people show them as well, but they were really impressive and scary looking birds. Problem is they are naturally aggressive and would dominate the flock and totally abuse any other rooster so they had to be raised away from everyone else, or you’d have to drop the rest of your flock.

In other news, pro tip of the day; Start the over auto cleaner after you finish cleaning the kitchen, not while you are. Especially if the house is closed up because of the heat.


I am certain of what day it is.


I am certain that certain techies will be receiving a lovely six-pack whoopass package quite soon.


Hey wow, look at all those zeroes in my bank, and they’re not prefixed with OD!


Are you in the comma club?


I’m not leaving from Mobile Alabama tomorrow headed straight into a hurricane (Nate, like that’s scary) and Cozumel and Progresso which will have both just gotten drenched by a tropical depression Nate.

I will be so pissed if I drive for 15 hours and end up getting smashed in a hurricane. Or if I come back from a cruise to a water logged truck.

I could just stay here and chase a tornado with less effort.


Dang, that could potentially suck. Has the cruise line released any info? Like a confirmation that they’re sailing or a warning that they might not?

It looks like the cruise terminal in Mobile has a garage, so hopefully you will be able to get a spot higher than the ground floor.


Well, last night on our drive down we got notice the port was closed. So we stopped in Bowling Green and we’re going to hit Nashville today.

The ship is still in the gulf playing tag with the hurricane until tomorrow. So it’s now a four day cruise and Cozumel is off the itinerary. We’re getting refunded for the extra day we’re losing.


Bummer about the cruise, but better a refund and shorter trip than death by hurricane. 0_0


I’m glad the whole cruise wasn’t cancelled for you.

It seems like Cozumel is on the itinerary of 3/4 of the Caribbean cruises, so that’s probably the best one to cut, because if you ever go on another cruise in the area, you’ll likely see it then. It is a very tourist friendly city.


Well,spent the night in Montgomery. Just got a text that the port is still closed and we’ll get an update at noon. So I guess we’ll wander down to Mobile and at least look at the ocean, should have gone camping in Michigan.

Yesterday was my 11th anniversary, celebrated with lunch meat sandwiches… Still enjoyed it.


Finally getting on the boat tonight. No more discounting, even though we don’t leave port until tomorrow morning.


They should at least give you a complimentary booze package.


No, a "gentleman’ does not give up his seat for a “lady”. That would be sexist and demeaning and gentlemen don’t do that.
If there is a genuine reason for someone to need a seat, I’ll be one of the first people to stand. Being a woman is not a genuine reason.

It would be really good if you were highly embarrassed about your passive-aggressive comments when you finally realised that there was actually a free seat to your right, but I’m not holding out much hope for that.


Well, actually I do. But not to someone who demands it of me. I also give up my seat for the elderly, people with packages, and pregnant women. I open doors, offer umbrellas, and such. That makes me a sexist pig I’m sure, but that’s what I do. Men and women aren’t equal in all ways, I’m stronger than 90% of the women I’ll ever meet, and I’m also taller than 95% of them. I usually also walk on the traffic side on the sidewalk and give up an extra item of clothing for a cold woman or child.


I’m right there with you, @Woodman. Old school.

Hey, are you on your cruise?


I give up my seat for a lot of reasons, but not for someone just because they are female. Yes, I am stronger than almost every woman I know, but that doesn’t mean that the women I know are incapable of standing up for 20 minutes on the train.

I try and treat men and women equally.
I give up my seat for someone if they are carrying a child (inside or out), if they are elderly, if they are infirm in some way (on crutches or obviously having trouble moving etc)
I hold doors open for everyone, not just women.
I will offer my coat to my wife if she is cold, but that is because she is cold blooded and I am warm blooded. It’s not because she is female.

My wife is a strong and capable woman and I’m not going to undermine or demean her by treating her like a delicate flower that damages at the slightest breeze. I also want my daughter to be a strong and capable woman, so I treat her the same way I treat my wife - with dignity and respect and an assumption of competence.

I’m not saying you don’t treat your wife that way, it’s just different interpretations of the same objective.


Yeah, I don’t really understand where this comes from. For ages it was a sign of respect, and then all of a sudden it’s a sign of the opposite. Just like when she makes me a drink or makes dinner she’s not implying I’m an infantile idiot who can’t take care of himself.

Now, if a woman was offended by me doing that, I wouldn’t do it again, I’m not in this to prove a point.

Got back from the cruise yesterday morning, had a good time considering we didn’t really go anywhere.