Things you wish you could say (everywhere)


I think “most” is safe to say. Especially with the caveat of US citizen Americans. I expect that there are regional differences, as well. My cousin in Maryland played lacrosse in high school. There are people in the south who have never heard of lacrosse.

I have one friend that will watch pretty much any sports game, probably (at least partly) because he is woefully not dexterous. If there is a game on somewhere that he can stream, that is what is going to be on his ‘background noise’ monitor. Otherwise, it’ll be Pandora or Spotify. I haven’t asked, so I can’t say he likes soccer specifically, but I have seen soccer playing in his office.
Other than him, I do not know of any non-hispanic friends of mine that like soccer, that watch ‘pro’ soccer.

*Grade school little leagues are another matter. But even then…
My sisters played soccer in elementary and middle school, but neither are soccer fans now. Since Houston has a team, I’m sure if they got free tickets to a Dynamos game, they would go, but using free tickets to a live event could be considered a social event. To me, that’s not the same as seeking it out, following along as a fan. For example: My wife has zero interest in motorsports, but if I got tickets to an Indycar or NASCAR race in DFW, she has said that she would go with me, because it would be a new experience.
I know there are Dynamo fans in Houston, but there is often a difference between supporting your local team and being a fan of the sport overall. I have Formula1, Indycar, and NASCAR races on my phone’s calendar. I have watched Australian V8 Superboat jetboats racing on an indoor obstacle course. I like motorsports. In comparison, I follow the Astros, listen to their games on the radio and go to games when I can, but overall, I would not call myself a huge baseball fan. I scan results to see how the Orioles are doing, but I don’t stream their games. I’ve never been to a Dynamos or Texans game, and have next to zero interest in soccer or football.


You might be the required distance away from the door, but you’re upwind. The net effect is the same as you’re smoking right at the door.


Basketball is even getting like this. Football is getting worse, too many pads, too many commercials, too many breaks, and everyone just walks around 60% of the game.

I like rugby, but it’s never on and I don’t care enough to learn anything about it…


I suppose that everyone reporting their eyes have been damaged by trying to look directly at the eclipse will say, “But it was supposed to get dark. How was I supposed to know?”


Doesn’t matter how many times they’ve been warned, they will still do it.

I don’t have time for those kind of people anymore.


People be whack, yo.


The next person to claim that socialism can’t work and uses Venezuela as an example is getting hit in the face with a definition of socialism written on a brick.

A social democracy (which is now, in Venezuela’s case about to be destroyed by external capitalist and imperialist forces just like every other South American country which has experienced a coup after trying to stop the people from living in dirt) is not socialism. Especially when 80% of the industry is still privately owned. Social democracies are nice, being a step in the right direction, but they are not socialism as the workers are still subject to capitalism.


It won’t be over 100 degrees again tomorrow.

Edit: I found the emoji that fits.


I would suggest you get a time machine and stop all those people pointing at Venezuela as a sterling example of Socialism at work.

Socialism is a cancerous step on the way to Communism, both of which oppress the common man in the name of justice. The tens of millions that Socialism and Communism have killed are enough proof that it doesn’t work with the way things are right now.

Every time yet another socialist experiment ends in disaster all of a sudden it’s revealed to be not real socialism. All we have to do is try harder, kill some more people, and then it will work next time. Chavez was just as brutal as the current president, he just had more money to spread over the rot.

Venezuela is being destroyed because it was a sham democracy and was “benevolent” dictatorship that was handed to the wrong man, as they all eventually are. They don’t have food because it’s a bad system, believe me, if it was pure capitalism someone would be growing and selling food. Chavez wasn’t trying to keep the people from living in dirt, he was consolidating power.

Politics is Stupid
Politics is Stupid

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Who the $@#$@ starts a jackhammer at 8:30 on a Saturday morning?!

(Widget is hiding in the roommate’s lap shivering)


A friend of mine actually did that last weekend. We live like three streets over and four down and could hear it clear as day. It might have been closer to 9:30, but still whew… but it’s usually so hot by noon you want to be done.


On a weekday, I really wouldn’t care, since I’d be at work by then. I’m not really that upset, since I’d been up for hours, but dang, it was so loud I had to close all of my windows. Unfortunately, that means that my house didn’t get to cool down as much as I’d like in the morning, so it’s pretty warm in here now.


When I was a kid, the next door neighbor would mow his lawn at 6:00 every Saturday morning. Up until he got married, when his wife made him start waiting until at least 8:30. I believe the phrase “no wonder your neighbors don’t talk to you” was uttered.


I would, if I had jack-hammering to do.

There’s a noise ordinance for our township, but after 0800 all bets are off. I noted, if it’s going to get hot, the earlier the better.


More importantly, who sets off big, loud, bottlerockets at 5AM on a Sunday morning?!

I can actually handle the jackhammering. It’s loud and annoying, but it’s for a legitimate purpose.


Yeah, THAT would tick me off. Or late at night… the noise reg has a start time, too.


That one I called the police on. I was out for a walk, so I saw them and was able to point out the direction they came from. I think they caught the person since I saw another police car heading that way about 5 minutes after I talked to the first one. It wasn’t just one bottle-rocket either, but about ten.


The bylaw around here says 7am. That’s when I’ll do it.

I don’t care. I’m not sorry.