Things you wish you could say (everywhere)


Yes, by all means, cut around the hallway corner while turning your head to look in the other direction. After all, no one could ever possibly be coming from the other direction. I have to admit, that was a really interesting doorway. If I had the chance to stare at it instead of looking which way I was going, I’d pick the doorway hands down.


Okay, I think you might want to get a real security person in to do your web site security.

  • You do not store passwords in clear text, you store a hash and compare hashes
  • You most certainly do not email someone’s password to them. Email is about as insecure as it gets and you are basically broadcasting their password to the internet.

Back story: We are redecorating at the moment and I tried using that site for the floor layout. In order to save the plans you create, you have to have an account with them. It’s free and I used a throw-away email address, so I wasn’t too concerned about it, but in their confirmation email they sent me my account details - including my user name and password. I hadn’t even requested a password reset or anything like that, they just sent me my password in clear text in an email.
I use LastPass and used a generated password so I don’t have any real security concerns, but I know some people who still use the same password for multiple web sites.


Report the site to


Why is it so hard for you to understand why I don’t want to talk about what’s going to happen in the book I’m in the middle of reading? 'Cause y’know… spoilers!


Done :smile:


Yeah, sorry Ronaldo, I don’t care who you are, you don’t push the ref. I think a 4 game ban is light, not excessive.
It’s about time football (soccer) cracked down on the ridiculous referee abuse that happens every time someone disagrees with their decisions.


So, when’s the riot? It used to be riots were a reaction to grave social injustice. These days, it’s either “our team didn’t win” or “our team won” or “because we can”.


Step-son was watching soccer recently. I was nearby doing something on laptop or phone, so I wasn’t watching (I don’t find it remotely entertaining), but would glance up now and then. What I noticed was (in the form of rhetorical questions)…

  1. What’s up with the guys who fall down and fake an injury when someone runs past? How douchy is that? I guess there are not enough refs to be watching everywhere all the time, so the weasels hope the ref will just assume they are really hurt and penalize the other team? Unbelievable. I’m not a big fan of American football, either, but I can’t imagine an NFL player doing that an getting away with it - I don’t know if there is some kind of penalty for faking, but he would at a minimum be ridiculed.

  2. How many “championships” are there? Or leagues, or cups or whatever? FIFA World Cup was going on the year before I married $Wife, and step-son was glued to the TV. Supposedly, it was the big deal in soccer, national pride on the line, etc. Since then, I stopped counting how many other championship/cup playoffs he has watched, but I know they weren’t “FIFA World Cup”. I mean, I understand that baseball has MLB, AAA, farm teams, little league, high school and college ball, etc. in the US, but there is only one top level World Series. From what he has told me, soccer isn’t like that, there isn’t a parallel. I get the impression that each playoff is for the best championship right now, until the next one rolls around, then it is best.

That said… assaulting a ref ain’t right. I’ve never seen anything like that in football, though it may happen and I’m just not aware. I know baseball players will sometimes get in a ref’s face and yell until he gets kicked out, but if he throws a punch, he is likely to get his ass beat… by players on both teams… in the middle of a dog pile.


The World Cup is like the Super Bowl of soccer. The rest of them, I have no idea.


I could be wrong, but I think Soccer is a lot more hierarchical than US sports leagues, but each layer is akin to the Baseball Big Leagues/Minor Leagues. So the UK (for example) has a UK team for world cup, which may trade players from various regional leagues, which may themselves have smaller leagues they borrow from which may be little more than amateur-level hobbyist clubs.

Then again, most of this seems to have gelled from reading Unseen Academicals.


That would at least make some sense. The boy and his cousin kind of described it like each league or cup was independent and thought it was the best. But, since World Cup is the only one I had even remotely heard of before being exposed to actual soccer fans, it makes sense that it is the top dog, Super Bowl level event.


Except that the FIFA world cup is an actual world event, not like the “world series” events that happen solely in America :wink:.
The world cup happens every 4 years and there are around 200 countries that compete to qualify for the 32 places in the world cup.
There are also yearly regional championships in Europe, Africa, The Americas, and finally the champions league, which is the best clubs from around the world. The champions league would be the equivalent of MLB or the NFL. Except that it involves teams from around the world instead of just one country. It’s incredibly lucrative for the clubs involved so there is fierce competition to compete in it.

As for the diving in Football, yeah that’s part of the reason I don’t watch it (the other part is that it’s really boring - 90 minutes for a 0-0 draw? Really?). The world body always vows to stamp it out, but never actually does anything about it. If they reviewed every game and banned every diver for 4 or 5 games it’d die out pretty quickly.
The referees have the power to yellow card someone who dives (2 yellow cards and you get a red card, which means sent off for the rest of the game), but can’t always tell who dives and who doesn’t.
When Ronaldo got sent off it was actually for diving (and it was an obvious dive). It was his second yellow card for the game, so incurred a red. He threw a tantrum and pushed the ref, which in turn got him a 4 game holiday.


Yeah, yeah, I hear ya. I’ve make snarky comments to my sports fanatic buddies along those lines, just to mess with them. OTOH, Canada plays MLB baseball, and of course NHL hockey. (not sure about football or basketball) I’ve sometimes wondered if the Japanese teams would like to play baseball with the MLB teams. I know it wouldn’t really work logistically, like for playing regularly over a season, but maybe they could work something out for exhibition games.


One whole team.

The CFL stays north of the border, NFL is south of it. For a while, it looked like the Buffalo Bills might get moved to Toronto, but that’s been squashed.

There are 2 NBA teams in Canada, Vancouver & Toronto.


Huh, I thought there were two. I’m pretty sure Houston played Toronto last week. But I’m not sports-stats-memorizer-dude, so don’t go to me for ballgame info.


This is why most Americans (myself included) don’t like it.


There used to be. But the Montreal Expos couldn’t draw flies (among other problems), moved and became the Washington Nationals in 2005.


“Most” might be a bit of a reach. We have a local football (European football) team that is pushing to join the majors, and their stadium was sold out this past weekend.

I won’t schedule time for any sport, but I’d rather watch soccer or hockey where people are actively DOING STUFF than baseball or American football, where most of the time most of the players stand around.


2005? I could’ve sworn it was much more recently than that! Seems like it’s only been a few years.

Still, I hear Nationals tickets are really easy to get if you’re a baseball fan. Unlike most other local teams.


I think, with the exception of big rivalry games, this is true of many/most MLB parks. There’s 82 home games a year, so you don’t have the issue of scarcity that you do with NFL (8 home games per year) or (to a lesser degree) NHL/NBA (41 home games/year).