Things you wish you could say (everywhere)


Nope, he died.
Mostly though I was ranting about people responding to the bombing by jumping on their political hobby-horse.

Grief I can understand, also anger, bewilderment, any number of different responses I can understand.

Political grandstanding though is classless and unnecessary.


Suicide bombers want to die on their terms. I’d assume any bomber in the US who survived would be put to death. Since the UK doesn’t have the death penalty I’m assuming someone is talking about bringing it back just for this. Seems silly, though better than letting them create more converts and followers in prison the rest of their lives.

Maybe just drop them off somewhere near ISIL and once they are fully in the war zone with their brothers take care of the problem.


I thought ISIL/ISIS is no longer of any concern?


Has no one ever taught you manners? Who stands in the bathroom doorway and holds a conversation? People need to pee here!


Just overheard a co-worker talk about her experience in the restroom this morning where the lady in the stall next to her was Skyping or Facetiming with no headset and describing/showing them the facilities… boggle


That’s just wrong.

In my case, they were standing in the main doorway blocking people from entering or leaving the restroom.


That seems like a good time to break out an anti personnel weapon or six. As clear a case of justifiable homicide I’ve heard of in quite some time. :angry:


Similarly, if you’re going to be nice and hold the door open for someone, don’t position yourself so that you’re blocking the entry while you’re holding it open.


Now that is just plain inconsiderate.


Okay, Sir Ben, it seems that nobody has told you that this is a boat race, not a demolition derby. That’s two boats you have crashed into now. At least this time it’s your boat that sustained the most damage.

If you can’t keep away from the other boats, perhaps it’s time you gave it up to someone more capable?


Oh good, I can go home.


I didn’t have to beat a half dead racoon to death in my front yard this morning.

I thought it was totally dead at first but when I went to go yell at my dog to go the other direction I saw it breathing. It was right by the road, so I’m sure he got nailed by a car some time in the night. I called the county sheriff two doors down, and I’m like “I know what to do if it’s dead, and I know what to do if it’s alive, and I know what to do if it’s like this in the country, but I don’t think I can shoot it here.” And he’s like get a shovel.

I really really thought, somehow, that I’d only have to hit it once. I didn’t think it through very well. I did remember to have my wife keep my daughter inside. It was a bit traumatic.

Yay! We won!


Ugh. I don’t think I could do that. I know that it’s better than letting it suffer, but… Sorry you had to go through that.


Yeah, I had to do that with a porcupine a while back. It wasn’t fun for anyone.


The landscapers didn’t shoot a rock through the window of my car.

(The drive to the dealership was so much fun with the occasional chunk of glass falling in on the passenger side. every time I hit a bump. They’re supposed to pay for it, at least.)


Okay, I dislike Trump as well*, but if you’re going to post big Trump-bashing articles, how about you make it about something that matters.
He owns the golf course. If he wants to park his buggy on the green then that’s his prerogative. This is not news.

*Yeah, that probably isn’t a surprise to too many people here.


So not only are you in a business that people are beginning to despise (telemarketing), you make it worse by spoofing the Caller ID so it looks like a local phone number that just happens to be my number so I get a “you called me so I just automatically called you back” phone call. Way to keep it classy.


this one?

sneaky bastard.


Since it was just a couple of days ago, it’s probably not that scammer. The ones I typically get are the “you signed up for a sweepstakes” or cruise line scams, which I know is a lie. I haven’t understood why people will just blindly call back to a random number that calls them without leaving a voice mail. But in this case, because they did that, it gave me the answer as to why I was getting those kinds of calls from a supposedly local number.

Just for everyone’s info, changing the Caller ID on your phone system is allowed except if done “with the intent to defraud, cause harm, or wrongfully obtain anything of value” as per the Truth in Caller ID Act of 2009. These scams definitely break that law.

And if you’re a scammer, you better hope you don’t call the guy calling himself “Project Mayhem”. His video on YouTube shows what happens when he unleashes a “call flooder” back on the scammer.

That brings up an interesting point. Technically, he could be sued for harassment, but because it’s being done to prevent a scammer from being able to carry out their illegal activities, who would win in the law suit?


Only speshul snowflakes will complain after getting a taste of their own medicine…