Things you wish you could say (everywhere)


Further to my monitor woes above, I’m getting a new one (I wish).
It will be this one (I wish). It’s about the same price.

LG’s new 43″ 4K monitor: two HDMI 1.4, two HDMI 2.0, a DisplayPort 1.2, a USB-C port and two USB 3 ports, so you can have up to four 21.5″ 1080p displays at once.

You know, because I need to check my email.


Well, that email won’t check itself!


Why sure, plop your six-year-old right up on my.counter. I’m sure if he falls off you will take full responsibility and not try and blame us. Even though there are seven chairs he could sit in and wait while you swipe you credit card and sign, the counter IS a much more appropriate place, I agree. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Seriously? Still running XP in this age and time?

Wcry may be the final death knell for XP. Windows7 is so much better.

Or Linux Mint. I’ll prefer Linux Mint rather above Win10.


I am pretty sure our secondary computer at the new office is running Vista. But I don’t dare upgrade and lose the entire box. Works ok for our limited purposes, but makes me cringe every time I turn it on…


If it is the only computer, then all you’ll need to do is to ensure nobody open any suspicious emails. (emails from unknown persons and attachments, no matter the header and contents).

If networked, then some steps should be taken, such as the disabling of the server and workstation services if you don’t access other services via the network (such as file and print sharing).

Also, if you have any backups, just zip/tar/arj it all up into one big file, and append .wcry to the filename, eg mybackup.arj.wcry

I’m not 100% sure, but it should do the trick and stop it from getting encrypted.

FWIW M$ should have made the free win10 upgrade available for XP and upwards.

Had some good memories with Vista (no crashes, it was solid and reliable surprisingly), but Win7 outperformed it.


Microsoft published a patch for XP to address Wannacry. That’s how bad the situation is.
It will continue to be used for many years. Hopefully on airgapped networks, but we all know that won’t happen.


Would Win10 have worked on XP hardware? MSFT didn’t want to deal with the BS of people screaming because it ran like crap on their 15 year old PCs.


We had win 3.11 running on machines in 2005, not to mention the OS2 telecomm system that was still running in 2010 last I heard.

If it works, and no one complains, people won’t switch it out.


I think IBM was still using OS/2 as the ‘controller’ OS for it’s mainframes until the mid 2000s. I’m guessing they’ve switched to something Linux based, but not my thing. I do like that according to a picture on wikipedia, it looks like they may have replaced the old separate tower for a controller with a laptop in a special rack-mount drawer?


Biggest problem is CNC machines and some medical equipment which uses XP and proprietary drivers.

No way in Hell that you’ll be able to upgrade it to a newer WIndows version because of the lack of drivers.

As long as those PC’s are properly airgapped and it is prohibited to plug in unsanitary USB devices, then it should be fine… but yeah, Murphy will happen.


Then there’s that.


You need a sign for there… “counters are for elbows, not butts” hahahaha


Hell, we used to set up win95 on 386s because it was cheaper than a dumb terminal to reuse the equipment and just slap a copy of 95 on it. Took 20 minutes to boot, but just click on the terminal emulator and occasionally run calculator, no big deal.

That was also back in the days where the worst things to happen to a PC were someone loading a million screensavers on it and bricking it.


Brings back memories of

  • AfterDark screensavers (especially the Disney ones)
  • the OS/2 vs Windows wars
  • blue screens galore
  • Castle of the Winds


Flying toasters!


Stoned virus!


Just because you guys pay rent doesn’t excuse you from keeping the house clean or even something as simple as taking the trash bins to the sidewalk. Especially if you’re all home way before me, you lazy sacks of crap.


Um … you are advocating the death penalty … for suicide bombers?

How exactly would that help things?

Suicide bombers are, by definition, people who want to die for their twisted cause. You are therefore advocating making it easier for them to achieve part of their objectives.
Did you stop and think before jumping on your hobby horse? Don’t answer that, I already know the answer.

Actually, to all you people politicising the bombing for your own agenda, f*&k off and let people grieve.


Wait, did I miss something? Did the suicide bomber live? If so, then yeah, I totally missed that tidbit.