Things you wish you could say (everywhere)


Of course I built my new PC in 2015 with 16 GB of RAM, who thinks 8 is enough?


Ah, come on! No one will ever need more than 640K of RAM. :wink:

Edited to correct typo.


Gaaaahhhhh!!! NO!!! Vaccines do NOT cause autism! foam at the mouth

What I did say:
I’m far more likely to believe a reliable source. Vaccines do NOT cause autism. All of the links below are from reliable, fact checked resources.…/under…/vaccine-myths-debunked/…/learn-mor…/what-causes-autism


I like this response to that issue.

Even if you assume that the bogus research is correct, the potential loss of some cognitive ability in one out of a hundred kids is worth the survival of more than the deaths of more than half of them.


The primary TV in the house isn’t dead.


Oh, I was planning on that one too.


My 27" monitor isn’t starting to show its age by throwing vertical line hissy fits.

Maybe I won’t try to turn it off and back on again to see if that helps.


See, with the old CRT monitors you could just smack the crap out of them and they’d learn their lesson.

Of course a 27" CRT would run a bajillion dollars and weigh about a quarter ton. So there is an advantage I guess.


Well, I guess I got it in 2009 and after all that constant use it is bound to want to have a bit of a lie-in.


We had a 27" CRT in our first apartment that I bought on eBay. It was from one of the early Gateway attempts at a home theater PC. 800x600 resolution. I could play solitaire larger than real life. I had extension cords for the keyboard and mouse so I could sit far enough away. Baldur’s Gate was sweet on that thing.

It was, if I recall correctly, 85 pounds, and quite unwieldy.


Sounds like a Gateway Destination…

I won one of them from a defunct online DVD vendor (DVD Now?) for their October horror movie trivia contest. I think they were pitching the systems as the ‘greatest in home entertainment ever conceived!’ and since they sold DVDs it was to be the ultimate home theater experience.

It was… okay.


I bought a 27" CRT TV about a month after I started my first job out of college because the TV my parents gave me died (it was 15 years old at that point I guess). I think it clocked in at 75 pounds and had handles moulded into the upper rear part of the casing. To move it, I had to grab those handles and hold it with the glass close to my body.

That thing was a monster. Then I had to help a friend move a 32" Trinitron into an entertainment centre. That was a whole other animal.


Like I keep saying to my wife, “We’re living in the future.”

Though I will say my audio life is a step down from what I had as a kid. I used to have a nice Panasonic hifi system. And my step-mom had this wonderful wooden encased JVC system she bought while deployed in Japan during the Vietnam war.

Now I have Alexa streaming via bluetooth to a single speaker…

I need to wire something up and get the whole house with sound.


I am in no way, shape or form freaking out over SQL Saturday this weekend.


In a good way, or bad?

Did you come back with your shield, or on it?



  • Found out 3 days before the event that a space we believed had been reserved for our use was taken out from under us. Just the main gathering area, no biggie, right? Our coordinator at the venue had backup plans though and saved my bacon.
  • Lost two speakers (3 sessions out of 30) on Tuesday & Wednesday to personal emergencies.
  • Lost a third speaker to the flu on Friday
  • Got a late start with setup Saturday morning because the person with the key to the room holding many of our pre-staged supplies was 30+ minutes late
  • Had good conversations with good people, some I already knew well, others I kind of knew but got to know better.
  • Got a little learning in during those conversations


My mistake.
All that monitor needed was a bit of a rest. It’s fine. It has developed a vertical bar of black a couple of inches in from the right side that eventually resolves one line of pixels at a time over the first 10 minutes after it turns on. This has been going on for years now, but is livable. It’s a known problem with this monitor.


I asked you for information on my bond protection policy. No answer.

I followed up twice afterwards. No answer either. I then reversed the latest debit order.

Now all of a sudden you guys want to talk. Pfft, forget it. I have chosen another company for my insurance policy.


The region isn’t in a state of emergency because of flooding.
It didn’t just snow this morning.
My lawn isn’t so long already that I don’t know if I’ll be able to mow it when it dries up enough.


Man, my new mower was really chugging a couple times hitting the spots where I just threw the cuttings on the foot tall grass. I was concerned I’d have to rake it or something, but I just kept taking small slices.