Things you wish you could say (everywhere)


If you expect me to clean up the mess, could you at least include me in the prelude? I might have some ideas that will mitigate the results. I am the only full-time regular hire at the site anyway…

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Oops… wrong area.


My wife is happy.


I don’t have a rotating play list of I’m Happy and Everything is Awesome taking over my brain every thirty seconds.

Also, after my daughter borrowed the bug for a month she gave it back with a full tank of gas and two working headlights and stereo.


Let me get this right? When you updated the system with the correct address it put the account on hold because the system unlinked the supporting documentation. Nobody noticed this, and if I hadn’t called to find out why I hadn’t received confirmation the account would still be on hold?

This can’t be the first time an address has been updated - WTF hasn’t anybody caught this sooner?


You are quite possibly the worst people imaginable.

Cinderella’s stepsisters were decent folks by comparison.

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To the same people in my previous post: I would love to run a miniature version of the Stanford Prison Experiment on you.

Or maybe the Milgram Experiment.


Some people need to participate in the Black Mesa experiment.

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You do not know anything about what you are saying. You need to stop talking. right. now. The fact that you supposedly teach this at the community college level fills me with horror and loathing for the future of our society.

  • If you are going to make nutritional and dietary claims and give advice based on those claims, you really need to back them up with evidence (quoting a completely unqualified flake isn’t evidence).
  • If somebody calls you on the unsubstantiated claims and asks you for evidence, the correct response is to provide it, not to tell them to prove you wrong. That just makes you look petulant and childish.
  • When somebody then provides the evidence to prove you wrong, the mature response is to apologise and retract your original post. Just not responding tends to reinforce the childish look.
  • You are a moron.

See here for what I’m talking about.

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You people have sunk to a whole new low. A bunch of phonies. Big, fat phonies. The lot of ya.


I just saw the toys for the new Michael Bay Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie and I LOVE THEM! I have nothing but confidence in this new direction and the director! He can’t possibly screw this up!

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FFS - how on earth does something slip by 3 months in under 3 weeks? If it was on track 3 weeks ago what happened and WTF did nobody spot it?


Hah, at least she didn’t point at anything put together by the FDA.


To the guy who called me and said he was from Microsoft about my computer.

Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? What makes you think it’s okay to call people and mess up their computers and make them pay for it?

Oh, wait. I did say that. Then I hung up on him.


@Nabiki - Some folks have been doing this to my In-Laws for the past 6 months or so. Thank goodness he had the where-with-all to call me first before continuing his conversation with “Microsoft”. I explained to him that Microsoft could care less about his 2002 HP (it barely runs XP with a lovely 512MB of RAM to use!) and they certainly wouldn’t waste money calling people. He then proceeded to keep the guy on the phone pretending to make updates to his computer and then after 15 minutes of pretending, he let the guy know that he knew what he was up to. I was so proud.


My roommate’s parents almost fell for one of those too. Luckily they called us before giving out any credit card information!


I play really dumb with those people (eg. “What do you see on your monitor?” “…monitor?” “The TV part.” “Oh right… Samsung.”.

On two occasions I’ve had the scammer ask me if I even have a computer. BUSTED! :smiley:

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I never get those calls. I feel like I’m missing out.


I got a call last week that was purportedly Dell, about renewing the 3-year extended service warranty on the retail box I purchased…in 2004.