Things you wish you could say (everywhere)


Or on some really good drugs.

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Oh, yes, gods forbid that you actually think of the consequences ahead of time.

And no, we can’t “do this another time.” Because I see no reason to expect you to grow up any time before I’m old enough to retire.


You practically force everyone to subscribe to your proprietary e-reader, and then suddenly drop all support for it? And you go through your knowledge base and remove the download link from the relevant articles?

And now you whine about people being frustrated and angry with your company.

I hope you drown in your tears.


I fell asleep at 10 PM, or I got home from Chemo and went straight to bed…

it’s 1:18 now, I’m drinking a fortified eggnog, and I’m going to play Saints Row the Third until it’s time to get up, or I get tired.


Hah, here they make mini-islands. I’ll try to get a picture if I remember.

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Uh, no. How about you buy your own pair of shoes and pants with your own money. You’re already killing our electricity bill and I know for a fact all of the money you make isn’t going towards keeping this house. Wife and I and your wife are paying for everything here, not you, so you can shove your demands up your rear end.

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And his wife isn’t considering divorce?

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My children fully understand the importance of a clean house, and have volunteered to assist me in this endeavor on this blustery snow day.


Why do I have to trim your cat’s claws?


But you’re so good at it!! And I promise I will cook dinner tonight!! :wink:


Yes, I have my phone and it’s not bothering me like a missing tooth right now.

I heard it in the car this morning when we were looking for it, and when I got to the office and she wasn’t in the car anymore I couldn’t find it. I just went out there with her calling it and couldn’t hear it either.

I’m guessing it ended up in her lunch bag or something.


We emailed back and forth and my darling wife asked if I wanted her to call the phone while I went out there to look for it. Awesome idea!

Except after I went back into the blizzard and hung out in the car for a while and came back half frozen and called her and said it didn’t ring she said that she hadn’t called since she was so busy so far this morning. If you were that busy why did you offer? So then I go back out again, and still don’t hear it. I have no idea where the damn phone is, except I don’t have it, and I don’t think it’s in the car, but it was in there when we got back from getting donuts.


I am good at it, but it’s his cat! And I will be the one to cook dinner tonight.

I know that the reason he asks me to do all of the claw trimming and giving of pills and other meds when needed is because I’m good at it, but he really should learn how to do it himself. Luckily, the new ginger and white tom (who is now named Scraps) is very mellow, and didn’t mind getting his claws trimmed much at all. All he did was whine a bit.

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Fourth time is the charm. Somehow the phone got into the compartment under the drink holder, which had my drink in it this morning, so I have no idea how it got there.

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Glad you didn’t spill your drink!


There was not a brown anaconda in the men’s room when I had to go earlier. It flushed when I pulled the handle and I was able to take care of business.

I cannot believe that thing was in there and it came out of a person. It should have had a brass nameplate above the toilet and been enshrined somewhere. And I found that I am totally unable to even contemplate sitting above something like that and doing my business. I went to another floor.


Nope, she won’t do it due to religious reasons. Guy is borderline bipolar too after a stroke hit him many years back. The good side of him is enough for her to tolerate his crap. I’m only tolerating it because he’ll be gone to the Philippines next year, when his wife retires.


Yes I’m perfectly aware we agreed to D&D night on Monday nights but you see, generally, when one is ill with a particularly nasty cold that one picked up from the hospital, a cold so virulent and cruel that it makes one cough up blood-spattered phlegm, they don’t want to spread it round a house that hasn’t had it yet.

The fact that you’re getting passive-agressive over me being nice is rather irksome.

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Thanks @Woodman, I needed a good ROTF laugh today


One reason among many that I no longer play: people who think that they are entitled to have a good time at a game. It takes many forms, but the whine of “but why can’t we play tonight?” in high on the list.

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