Things you wish you could say (at work)

You meant well, but I gotta tell you, being told I did a good job on something and then finding out it was for attending a meeting is kind of depressing. I don’t know if that was the best thing you could come up with or if I’m doing so poor at my job that it was the only thing you could come up with for a compliment.

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Dear $luser

You moaned about some permissions when trying to copy a file from a network drive to your desktop.

Please provide me with the file name and the path to the file so I can have a shufty at the permissions for you.

My crystal ball is in for a major service.


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This new user’s last name is Medina. You have no idea how much I wanted to set him up in AD as Funky Cold Medina.

I’ll just leave this here. I assure you, it gets plenty cold there in the winter.

Although it’s pronounced med-EYE-na

Yeah, thanks, that’s stuck in my head now…

:notes: “Ain’t no plans with a man” :notes:

That’s not right. This is the only Medina. (Also pronounced med-Eye-na)

Au contraire…

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What if you Base64-encoded an MP3 of the song and stuffed it into an extensionAttribute?

Server2003 AD and PC’s with Win8 and higher = no good combination

Damagement thinks all is peachy.

Yeah right.

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Dear $ProjectDamager

I took the initiative to store two servers from $client in my server room as it is quite easy to pilfer components from servers, especially removable/hotswap harddrives. Said server stood for more than two weeks on its own before getting moved to my server room.

And I didn’t get any thanks, just a terse “where is $server?” in an email. Wake the **** up.

Stuff you then. I will not do any more such favours for you guys.

It’s YOUR software. YOU figure it out. I don’t take a flipping screenshot every time I get a notification in my SysTray, and notifications tend to fade out after a minute.

I’m really surprised that he didn’t ask me to turn my computer off and then back on - while in a support chat.

Dear $C*O

So you’re upset that the video conference with $site did not work? I’m not surprised.

  1. You asked me for an hour before the time to check on it.
  2. I asked around for the details for $site’s IT technicians, found nothing. So how was I supposed to know who to call, which IP to test it against and so on? I know for a fact that our VC equipment works, so the fault must be on the other side as they most probably did not have an dedicated IT team.
  3. I had other things to attend to.
  4. Demotivation due to poor pay and increased workload.

Aw shame. I’m so sorry.

Hey, dickweeds, just because we took one of your puppies with a serious illness into our rescue doesn’t mean you can show up with the rest of them. We. Are. Full. There is an actual, taxpayer-funded, self-contained county shelter you can take them to. The only reason we took the one is because the shelter was closed and the poor pup was hovering on the edge of death, and you threatened to just dump it in the intake cage. To die. Go back to your hole you knuckle-dragging twatface.

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Yeah, the place my wife works at gets a lot of that as they’re a ‘normal’ home pet vet clinic, but they also do wildlife under very specific terms. I don’t claim to understand them, but as a guideline if it’s not actually sick or injured, leave it alone… And depending on the specific species, there may be more specific guidelines and rules that say they must/can’t euthanize (or other treatments). Also, if you turn in a wild critter you’ve done your good deed and your duty ends. No asking for it back (this happens!) and while they’ll try to keep you in the loop, you shouldn’t expect regular updates.

Also, it’s a squirrel! They die sometimes. It is sad, but you move on. They’re not endangered.

Much to my dismay.

I was at the San Francisco Animal Care and Control when someone brought in two cat carriers full of raccoon kits. Apparently the mother had not been around for several days.

I was heartbroken to find out they all had to be put to sleep because they were too sick to save.

These were actual dogs that he had had for over a month, not gotten any vet care for, and then had the nerve to ask if he could adopt it back after we fixed it for him. In my head “FOADIAF” but out loud “it sounds like puppies might be putting some extra stress on your household. This is why we don’t adopt back out to owner surrenders - we don’t want to stress your family again.”

We are a full-service hospital that houses some rescue animals for an associated rescue, and does charity work for a few others. This guy dumping this dog cost us some cash. I’d like to think, however, that we kept the pup out of a backyard breeding situation, as the other pup was a female. Probably a littermate, and of a breed and in an area of town where fighting or baiting isn’t out of the question.

And we named him Harvey. :wink:

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Ah. The rest of the story.

Kudos to you and your staff. Sounds like Harvey is in a better place. With any luck, his siblings will be rescued soon.

I told $Wife about your story and she sympathizes… She also loved your initial post when I read it to her.

They had someone do a random outside drop-off a couple weeks ago. It was in OK weather temperature-wise, but rainy. And it was two cats and a chihuahua. I know the dog (at least) was adult and these were definitely pets, but no identifying info… I think they ended up adopting them out to staff.

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Well, mainly because Harvey rhymes with parvy. And I was MauryPovich sure he was parvo positive. (That is like 812% sure, for those that don’t watch Maury.). And he is doing great, eating well, no vomiting, and may be neutered soon and ready to move on! :slight_smile:

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