Things you wish you could say (at work)

Fast, Cheap, Good. Choose two.

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Yup, when I said “I don’t think that’ll work, have you checked?” I really meant it. Now you’ve told the client you can do the impossible, and realised that it’s impossible, I look forward to seeing how you’re going to resolve this one.

heh, just emailed $manager and $hr and tole them I’ve got an upset stomach, then had the whole day to be relaxed and ready for the interview. (South African law allows for unscheduled sick leave without doctor’s certificate, but only on tuesday, wednesday or thursday…).

So, now it’s playing the waiting game, they will let me know next week Friday.

Last I checked an experienced sysadmin gets R30k. Current company pays R21k. That is before tax.

Guess they’ll be having a hard time finding a replacement.



Dear $luser

email password != login password

now get lost

Um, is that annual?



At current exchange rates that’s around USD$26k a year unless my math is wrong. That seems low. I don’t know the cost of living over there but I’m making substantially more than that as a desktop tech.

Is it that hard to check the recipients of an email to see if I’m one of them? I’m getting tired of you forwarding me emails that I already received and are already working on as if I don’t have enough work to do.

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Dear $Luser

No can do.

Especially if you want to send a 2Gb attachment via email. Just forget it, mkay?

Use dropbox or SFTP. Not email.



Maybe they’re thinking: “Pick one”

Dear $support

the next time you need to update $site en-masse do take into account the slow 512k uplink to said site…

there’s absolutely no way I can upgrade that link with a few mouse clicks…


Dear $HR_drone

Please do let IT know regarding the movement of certain people as my crystal ball is broken.

Upset I am. Dark side beckons.

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Oh whoops. I forgot to assign a wifi password to said luser in the post above.

Asked $hr_drone, but she referred me to the CFO and CIO.

HR’s job is to keep IT informed regarding contractors and new employees requiring company resources. Not my job, I dont know who they’re hiring and all that jazz.

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Maybe you should read the email more carefully before telling me you won’t be around for it and getting snarky. Email says “Eastern Time” not Pacific so unless you’re leaving at 12pm today, you’re going to be around for it.

And if you’re going to tell me that we have other issues to discuss and you can’t bring up solid evidence of it in writing when I asked you politely, then you’re just a moron and I called you on your bluff.


So the sales department is now going to work closely with the service department to make sure sales are completed properly. Rather novel concept that I wish had been put in place about 10 years ago.


I’m sorry your cat is sick. Your cat that you love so much but let run around outside and don’t keep vaccinated. The cat you let run around in your yard fully of various flowers and plants, some of which are toxic to cats. I’m sorry your cat is in kidney failure. I’m sorry you are out of money, and that your credit card companies have closed all your accounts for non-payment. And I’m especially sorry you are delusional enough to tell me all of this and then loudly and aggressively wonder why I won’t accept payments. Why am I so sorry? Because my kids are at home hungry and I’m stuck here an hour after close listening to you whining. Nobody poisoned your cat. He’s just sick. I’ve given you options. Pick one.

(I’m really not heartless. But when you come in, curl up in the fetal position while I’m examining your cat, cry - literally! - about our prices, and then berate us for not having the same billing policy as your REGULAR vet - who, by the way, was unavailable to see you because they have limited hours - you won’t get much sympathy from me. Grow a pair and be an adult.)

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I’m sorry to hear that you had to go through that. It must be awful feeling sympathy for the poor cat that you want to help, but can’t. In the words of Juui Dolittle (Juui means veterinarian in Japanese) “Veterinary wa bijiness da” or “Veterinary is a business”. Unfortunately, you have to keep the lights on, the staff paid, plus medicine and equipment costs.

Exactly what is a vet going to do? she’s already demonstrated that she won’t take care of her cat. A vet doesn’t have a magic wand to make everything “all better” - there’s also everything the pet owner has to do to improve the cat’s health.

Yes, I feel bad for the cat, and I hope his/her passing is gentle and pain-free. But the owner has to take some responsibility - and it sounds like that would kill her.

Man that sucks. I feel for you MSUAlexis. I could never understand those people though. I’ve always made sure to take care of my furry family. There were times when I went hungry so Dannon could eat. And a good vet is a great find. I get that it’s a business but I want a vet that really feels for the animals like I do. When Tom had his teeth out and was in their care over the weekend, one of the staffers called to check up on him afterwards. They didn’t need to, but they thought he was the sweetest thing and wanted to make sure he was okay. That was great. And when Dannon died, they made sure to not jump me for the bill as I was walking out. They took care of everything before hand so I could focus on his last time.