Things you wish you could say (at work)

It sounds like the majority of the work is being shipped overseas, with a minority being H1B.

To be fair, our education system sucks. You can’t “teach the test” and expect graduates to be able to function in the workplace, especially something like IT.

But my advice would be to sign the agreement, take the check… and walk away. They’re more likely to succeed in subpoenaing the entire US Congress than getting a judge to rule in their favor against an ex-employee.




Ditto. I’ll also walk. Better that way, than trusting that the law will side with you when push comes to shove.

Me three. I’d tell them where they could stick their severance.

What? Your husband saw one weather report that says it might rain for a few minutes while you’re at an all-day festival and you suddenly want to change the day you took as vacation to a different day? But not this day or that day because you have other plans. Oh, it would be more convenient for you if my husband changed all the meetings he stacked on one day so I could work for you this other day, the day that is now showing a 10% chance of scattered showers? Never mind if those meetings are regarding a multi-million dollar project and data center move; I’m sure the corporation won’t mind. FOADIAF Asshat. Not. Going. To. Happen.


Let me guess, the Ann Arbor Fart Air?

A follow-up and thought-provoking article by The Register :


Got to give him credit. He did it before they could. Too bad there wasn’t a way for him to hide their location.

All said, I bet Verizon hires on that firm after the fact due to their clean code.

Is that a chili cookoff?

No, it’s a pretentious street fair where gaudy cheap-o knock offs compete with one-of-a-kind real art pieces, and the real art usually loses. Supposedly, it’s a “juried” art fair.

It was a blight on Ann Arbor in the 80s and I can’t imagine that it has gotten any better.

Won’t be surprised if they did.

Nope. A pumpkin show where a bunch of farmers show off their huge gourds. And BTW, the weather was perfect. No rain, just sun and 75. As the real weather reports said. And like I knew it would be. :slight_smile:

With a little more investment in time and equipment, he could have had a ‘jump box’ at his home, and the connection to the work machines would have come from there, not China.

No, you cannot hide a support request inside another support request. Opening a ticket for “Can’t connect to printer, and oh by the way myself and some others also need a change to the security infrastructure” that two of your supervisors, including the COO said no, not going to happen already.

You are either such an ID10T that you forgot, or you trying to purposefully trying to get me in trouble save your job. In both cases, I’m not going to do it. Come back with your ducks in a row, or don’t come back at all.

Good thinking, and the same I would’ve done.

But I’m not that daft to let any contractor near my company’s crown jewels, no matter what the intention, because you never know. If the contractor screws up (accidental rm -rf or del ,) then you’re in the poo, not the contractor.

To prevent this kind of scenario, have the contractor work on the “jump box” totally, you would plonk the code on the “jump box” that need editing, contractor do his work there, and when finished, you copy the edited code back to your own workstation, compile and test.

Wonder what “Bob” is doing now?

Dear $Manglement

I be going for a Jpobbe Interviewe on Wednesdaye.

If it be good and proper, guess who’ll be leavening.



I have four days left at this place, so no one really batted an eye at me scheduling an ‘unexpected meeting’ later this week, which pretty much means I’ve already got an interview before the job even ends.

(Bad side is it might mean working in DC, which might be a killer for me. But it’s got some plusses, and it doesn’t hurt to check it out.)

Who are you and how did you get my email address? Plz to be unsubscribing me. Kthxbai.

Yeah, don’t expect world class service on a penny-pinching budget. Either pay up or shut up, seriously. You’re lucky we’re even helping you jerks out at all.