Things you wish you could say (at work)



Thanks. Narrowed it down.

Servers have been installed 2009, so definitely EOL. Have written an email urging client to strongly consider upgrading their servers (they have more than one of the same) so it’ll be interesting.

Tole them spares availability WILL be a problem. Sure, ebay etc, but would you risk those “spares” in a production environment? Me neither.

Kudos to @e4tmyl33t for helping here! :slight_smile:


Wow. $2.3M for new servers this year, and you’re just going to have them delivered to the monkeys at the DC for them to install? Maybe we should have someone from our skunkworks on hand to make sure things go a little more smoothly this time.


KPI meh shmeh


Please don’t cut that fiber.


HA HA! You tried to bypass the system to save money. I’m a part of the system.

Sure, I’ll create those 6 drives for your database system: 4 data drives, a log, and a backup drive. I do this all the time. Nothing out of the ordinary. However, when the very next day you ask to have the drives expanded from 100 GB to 1350 GB, that is not organic growth. The original storage requirements were part of your business request. You are going to have to pay for the additional 5 TB you want.


I can see maybe trying to get an extra 500 GB or so on the sly. But 5 TB? And they thought no one would notice?


Yeah. They wanted to increase the 4 data drives by 1200 GB each. Sure. I’ll notify my boss about it, then do the work, then my boss will talk to your department head and you’ll get dinged for the difference. No problem.


Or you can leave the drives on their original settings, and only ding him for extra storage space when running out of space. Makes for more fun, and is more attention-grabbing.


Come to think of it, maybe we can start charging our departments when they go above a certain disk space quota, should help to ensure that old data get archived and deleted. Mmmmm

The BOFH in me agrees.


So… that client who’ve sent us the tiny-ass pix of their servers.

They’re interested in an upgrade, so I’ve emailed them the specs of the server(s) we recommend, and will take it from there.


You didn’t email them pictures of the servers?


Then they’ll just send pictures of the money. It is a never-ending battle.


We didn’t have a dog come through rescue with a gaping infected wound on its neck, teeth rotting out of its head and feet swollen due to either the nails that were grown into its skin or frostbite - not sure which.

My hand doesn’t still smell like that nasty infection, and bathing the dog for twenty minutes got rid of the smell off the dog too.

Let’s all hope it’s labwork comes back good tomorrow so I can spend five hours or so in surgery on Thursday fixing this poor baby up. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Oh, that’s horrible. You’re a good egg, @MSUAlexis.


Thanks. It was just the perfect storm for this doggie… Lived outside, too many dogs, and then flooding and the owners couldn’t take them all. :pensive:


Ya’ll need to communicate, seriously. There are three of you in your team and we get three separate messages on everything. One guy says, “the circuit is ready for dedicated guest use”. Second guy says, “circuit is not ready and it’s not for dedicated guest use”. Third guy says, “circuit is not ready, but it’s supposed to be for dedicated guest use”.

Is it so hard to get together and decide on one thing to tell people? Hell, even our team, which has had horrid churn in the past two years, can put out a more consistent message than you guys.


In instances like that, I concatenate all the email into one and send it back to them and their boss.


@rizak should get an avatar randomizer