Things you wish you could say (at work)


Biddy bah manglement. Just be patient, software testing cannot be rushed.


Dear $Mangler

You sure love throwing spanners into the works by taking stuff out from a controlled area without letting anybody know.

I’m not happy, and I’m sure others are feeling the same as well.

Shape up, or ship out.


This video conferencing equipment is ass. You know it’s ass. So spend the money to upgrade it instead of asking us to work miracles on the regular.


The new video gear will probably also suck, but in a different way!


Lifesize! :fist:


OK then… /me slinks away


I’m not up on video conferencing gear, so I googled it. I like the sponsored suggestions better…

Of course, they’re ridiculously overpriced, but adding photos with the probably 5’2" girls from Guatemala was a nice touch.


We have LifeSize at Bank of * where i work, and my boss has been trying to move away from it as fast as possible. He has me researching Microsoft teams, and bigbluebutton.


We’re really attached to our Cisco Sparkboards, but we’re antisocial Networking people so:

  1. We really care more about content sharing than video of people.
  2. We’re ingrained to favor Cisco over other brands.

It integrates reasonably well with other parts of the Cisco UC ecosystem.
I will say the special tone it uses to set up automatic sharing is annoying. You might not notice it in a noisy office, but when i worked nights I noticed the weird noise these boards make every so often that is apparently part of the device-finding process.


We are installing some sort of Cisco setup in the 12th floor boardroom on Monday. But that doesn’t do anything for the 10th floor boardroom where this debacle happened in the first place. I’m finding out this company is cheap and spends the bare minimum on hardware.


Cisco bought Tandberg years ago, so probably a pretty normal setup. They’re not doing Telepresence if they’re cheap.
Sparkboards (Sorry, it’s now a Webex Board are kind of a different thing. They do video, but they’re as much about being a digital whiteboard surface.


The group that is the least likely to use the video conferencing equipment and solution is more than likely the group that will be asked to set it up.


We use Polycom VC. When it works, it’s ok, but my Austrian colleague and myself doesn’t like it.


When I walk out the door at the end of the night I have done everything physically and mentally possible for the day. I rarely leave something overnight, and usually those few times it’s something for me to do the very next day. This isn’t the case across the board. I don’t ever want to hear it if I leave something undone until and unless you also hound every single person in that place about the same thing.

So basically, I should never hear about it. :grin:


Office 365 can die in a fire.


Hah. I challenge you guys and girls to identify this 'ere serverer…


All I know is that it is an HP ML class of server.

Have tole the lazy bugger who took the photos off, as I requested in my original email the server make AND model number, not just some photo of a generic cdrom and serial number sticker.


Someone at my hosting provider did not log onto my production SQL box using a service account, then stay logged in but idle for an hour, with no indication of what they were going to be doing.

My hosting provider is also not failing backups of my data on a regular basis.


I’d run it through this:

…if I could read the serial number from the tiny-ass picture :confused:


I have the serial number…

… CZJ93306BS.

Tried the HP warranty check site, and got a big fat 404 :frowning:


Huh. What’s the product number below it?


P/N 487930-421

Think this is the part number for the server chassis