Things you wish you could say (at work)


For everything. I need mittens and extra socks. No joke, a few people are wearing gloves whole they work. Like, ski gloves. Ridic.


I have the Heavy Gloves I wear for working outside and a lighter pair for driving if necessary… I needed them a lot when I drove a soft-top Jeep.


If you ask a question to find out if someone knows about a situation, it helps to wait to hear their answer. If you ask the question and immediately go into an explanation based on the assumption that they don’t know about it but they really do, you’ve just wasted their time.

Really. Waiting five seconds after asking a question to hear the answer can save so much time.


And irritation. And, sometimes, blood.


Dear $Colleague

Kindly keep your Outlook on your laptop and email client on your mobile phone closed as we are struggling with changing your password and you keep on locking out your account, and your manager’s bitching at us to get you sorted out.



Installing software that requires checking in with the server every time a laptop boots up to do some sort of configuration is only useful if said laptop is attached to the corporate network at the time of bootup. For us remote workers who are almost never in the local office, that’s never going to work. It doesn’t have a retry option so we can’t activate the VPN. It’s always a generic “I tried to do something but couldn’t contact the server” message to be dismissed that’s unhelpful and annoying.


I’m assuming your VPN doesn’t have an option for connecting before user logon?


Yeah, we have issues here with that. Modern infrastructure was not built to handle a few handfuls of users who apparently work jobs out in the middle of nowhere and don’t have a home office unless they travel for 6+ hours!


…and the issue has been resolved.

We use fir our emails. However, for some reasons unspecified, only that specific person have … and it was never picked up until yesterday.

Anyway, glad it’s sorted out properly now.


One reason why I prefer to leave remote laptops/desktops on workgroup and not joined to a domain. Much less hassle.


Was intended as a joke… sorry. :grin:

Thumbs on mittens? Toes? See?


Oh I know. And I would have taken anything to have warm feet. It was so cold inside the building we might as well have been outside.

Today’s temp is 60f. 🤦


And here I sit in downtown San Diego where it’s 55 and raining. :slight_smile:


Our connection to India doesn’t make me think of dialing into BBS systems at 9600 bps.


9600 bps? Luxury! I remember dialing in at 2400 bps.


I think i did some 2400 dialup, but that was mostly borrowing my brother’s stuff. I got in trouble once for getting online because he had an application that had all his connections with passwords included.
I’m thinking I may be the reason he now has a lucrative IT security career.


Started at 300 baud. Built my own modem interface from plans available for the Commodore 64 and I think I was using a 19.2K or 33.6K modem after a couple of years.


I think my brother got a 300 baud modem, but I didn’t touch it until the 1200 or 2400 upgrade.

Then I had a 14.4 in college some friends tried to speed up by putting a pack of frozen hotdogs on it. It apparently kinda-sorta worked.

Then there was the brief time at Old Job where I had a pile of old PCMCIA modems. Half were missing dongles, a few were the fancy ones with a mutant connector that popped out and seemed to have pins that bent if looked at wrong. PCMCIA modems did not seem reliable in my limited experience.


For the love all that holy please do not talk politics at me when you know Im on the other side of the fence. I just want to do my job, and not be part of a “conversation” about politics.


Fixed that for you.