Things you wish you could say (at work)


I know. The worst part is that I do my best to keep my opinions to myself around the kids even though I know he has no problems voicing his. It’s the only thing he still has any influence over, and I refuse to stoop to his level. He’s talked about how it makes me a.bad mom, like he’s going to compile some list and try and get custody. Nevermind the fact that he started dating someone and had her and her 12yr old autistic son spending the night within a couple of months. Her son who locks my kids out of their own apartment. It’s just hard to balance, and I just try to avoid confrontation at all costs because he plays a good game in public but is sneakily vindictive in private… And I worry how much the kids fully understand.


I’m sorry to hear that your ex is that way, @MSUAlexis. It’s gotta be hard to maintain the high ground in that situation.


It is. It’s be easier if I could have minimal contact. But just when I think I won’t have to talk with him anymore, suddenly he finds something to turn into an issue. It was that way with things the entire marriage though. Always had to be something keeping me on my toes.

It probably wouldn’t be so hard to deal with if work wasn’t also so draining. We have several new Drs so I get most of the angry or difficult clients, the crazy second opinions, the species no one else will see, and the surgeries other people don’t want to or don’t know how to do. None of which I mind, but put all that with the divorce thing (and the resulting extra work at the house and trying to fix it up for sale in a couple years) and then throw on selling my other practice to my partner who STILL HASNT TRANSFERRED THE LOAN OUT OF MY NAME BC SHE DOESN’T WANT TO PAY THE $100 TRANSFER FEE and it gets to be a bit draining. Hence the burnout. And the vacation where I will be sitting by myself for five days floating in the middle of the ocean.:grin:


Just make sure that drink you’re having on that beach has an umbrella in it. :slight_smile:


You need to get something in writing and notarized so that you don’t get screwed if she defaults on the loan…


Eh, she won’t default on the loan. It’s autodraw from a list of accounts. Besides, the bank still contacts me with info and they are aware of the situation. Also, her lawyer is my neighbor. And he is aware of the situation. And while there is privilege involved, he’s not averse to saying something like “so, have you heard from the bank lately?”

It’s only annoying bc she is responsible for doing it yet thinks I should pay the fee bc I’m the one benefitting from it. I told her that I’m not responsible for the fee bc I am not allowed to choose the new bank or negotiate the fees. Also it’s written in the contract that SHE WROTE that she is responsible. Which I had my lawyer review. And I had my accountant review the terms for tax implications as well. But now she thinks I’m unreasonable bc I expect her to pay the $100. Which can be paid by the business and be written off as a business expense. :roll_eyes:

No matter. I’m solid in that any repercussions that I may experience as a direct result of this are completely her responsibility. Two different lawyers confirmed (idk how I acquired so many lawyers as friends…) what I expected. If I refinance the house and get a higher rate, she’s financially responsible for the difference in interest. If I try and buy a car and get a higher rate, she’s financially responsible for the difference. Iron clad. Law school day one hour one.

I might send a notice to her lawyer that as of yet she has not fulfilled her obligation to remove the loan from my name and that I fully intend to hold her responsible for damages, as I have to refi the house by may to get the ex off the loan and deed, and I need a new car as the trusty Durango will have well over 200k miles on it, is rusting, and overall has served it’s purpose with me. So she needs to get the ball rolling. Which actually means she needs to walk over two blocks and sign the paperwork. They’ll pull the fee directly from her account. She doesn’t even need to write a check. :roll_eyes:


You got buried. Hope things turn out for you!!



We’ve been using Intel servers for quite a long while now. Never, ever had any issues, whether these may be performance, speed or quality. Only old age (and EOL components) is an issue.

And failing hard drives, but luckily the Intel RAID controllers have a patrol read feature which will save your butt (but you still have to make external backups).

Received two brand-new Intel servers with the S2600ST board. My first impression upon entering the BIOS was one of sluggishness.

And it was confirmed when installing Server2016 - it takes ages to install. Once installed, you can feel that it is sluggish, and is reminiscent of trying out Windows 98 on a 386SX…

Clearly something is not kosher/halaal here, and we’ll be sending these back for a review of settings etc - maybe something got overlooked. And it’ll be the supplier’s fault since they recommended hardware X to go with RAID controller Y etc etc etc.

Yay. More fun.



That’s weird.

98 on a 386, LMAO, yeah, I hear ya.


Was the firmware that needed an upgrade.

First time I’m doing an UEFI update tho. Went to the supplier and asked them how. Not in the mood to brick a server.

Now I know how to do it.

Firmware was v12. Latest is v15.

You need to run the updates one by one, which means first update to v13, then v14 and then v15.

Which seems to be a major schlepp, but that’s the way it should be done.


I like you, but I still need a ticket for that. It’s nothing personal.


Update to the servers.

It is something else, still getting butthurt about poor performance.

On moandai both will be returned to the supplier as it may be a factory fault. Or somerhing else.

What happens if you extract (or copy) files, performance on file operations nose dive totally.


“Don’t mean to interrupt you, but…”

Translation: “Yes, I do mean to interrupt you because I’ve made an assumption about what you’re going to say and I have to make sure you know all about my assumption of what I think you’re going to say.”

Reality: No, you don’t know what I’m going to say and now I have to wait for you to finish before I can say what I was actually going to say before you interrupted me.



Can’t say that this weekend. This weekend it’s YES!
Yes, I’ll come in at 4am to initiate a shut down of 400+ hosts and all the associated VMs across 5 vCenters, then go up to the server floor and hit that big red button to shut it down at the source.
Yes, I’d love to go home after that to get a bit of a nap.
Yes, it’s my dream to come back when the other teams have done their work so I can reverse the entire process in a structured order to keep things in line during the restart process. Being a babysitter is my dream jorb.
Yes, I sure hope that the boot drives we installed to replace the SD cards that failed last time (i.e., every gorram machine) work out. I don’t want to have to drive for 2 hours to get to the other datacenter to fix this again.

Yes, I’ll take that as a cash payout for 12 hours of overtime.


3AM is a terrific time to start working! Thanks for setting it up that way!


All of the best!

Take the time to set up some booby traps for the higher-ups?


You know what? If you change your pager number, you should really tell the other teams. That way we don’t spend 4 hours with our thumbs up our butts while the directors try to track down someone to fix the firewall issues on a Saturday evening. Literally 4 hours.

Oh, and don’t try to cycle a power circuit while the SAN is coming up because that REALLY screws with everything.

Sure, I don’t mind coming back on Sunday to finish up our part now that you’ve finally finished yours.

I know your work was scheduled, but maybe check in with the rest of us before taking down the switches. You know we weren’t finished yet. Yes, you know.

Yeah, I’m expecting a big stinky overtime cheque next month.


I trust my immediate boss


Dear $colleague

Havening a negative attitude towards most projects and Havening Doing Things Your Way does not sit well with some of us.

We invited you to a meeting, which you declined. That meeting was to determine the specs of a server going to site (and incidentally, which we want to use as a template for future endeavours).

All of a sudden you chucked all your toys out of the cot at the last minute. I understand your concern with RAID5 and so on, but hell, if you were present at the first meeting, you could have voiced your opinion and we could have chosen a different route.

But now we are where we are, thanks to your negative attitude. Manglement are not happy with people giving negative attitude…


To paraphrase what I did say today:

So long, and thanks for all the fish.