Things you wish you could say (at work)


We use it here for both backup2disk2tape and replication. Excellent product - just remember to do everything DR-related in Veeam and not manually.


LoL, just messin’ with ya :wink:


I mean that was what i should have done.


I’ve done the same thing, though, because you never know if there is some regional slang definition that a web search isn’t going to return.


True, and im still trying to place where Ook is roughly from, to help with the placement of a lot of the slang that he Oooks out.


South Africa


OHHHHHHHH, i was leaning UK, but that makes some of his slang make more sense!!


I know where he’s from and half the time I just shrug to myself.


I tend to pick up slang here and there and do a mix 'n match :yum:


Dear M$

Take youse Billywindows scheiße and jump with it into an active volcano, kthanxbai

TL;DR: vpn over cellular wifi hotspot says nein (win8.1)


I’m not burned out. I enjoy going to work every day. I have no problem getting through my day without having to stop and remove myself to another room for a pep talk. I don’t sometimes get snippy and I never considered just walking away.

My best friend and tech told me I should think about taking a vacation alone for a few days to recharge. That sounds great except it seems like too much hassle to even plan one. And don’t get me started on the logistics of leaving the kids with their dad. Or the crap I’d have to hear about how I should want to spend my days off with my kids and not be so selfish. :roll_eyes:

Yeah, compassion fatigue is super easy to fix…


Your friend is right, screw all the naysayers. You don’t have to do anything super fancy… Take a long weekend, drive up and visit Rizak and Mrs. Horrible. Or drive to Cincy or Indianpolis, visit the zoo or museums. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just get away and relax.


Your bed is in the basement, waiting for you. Just don’t make any sudden moves. That’s where the spiders like to hibernate.


I’m going to try and plan something. She said allegiant has good deals sat-wed which would be my string of days, and that Puerto Rico has some good cheap all-inclusive resorts. However, she doesn’t have kids or student loans so I’m not sure what her definition of cheap is. :rofl: I also wouldn’t mind parking myself in the Keys for a few days but again not sure on cost.


Check groupon, especially if you just want to veg. Who cares how bad the tours are if you are skipping them to sit at the pool/beach.


$work may be soon between a rock and a hard place.

Group5 have an ongoing project in Ghana, which they’re behind with. Ghanan govt want to start looking at penalties.

One of the companies in Group5 owe us a shedload of money.

If penalties are forthcoming, it will cause a major ripple effect.


Good thought. I’m also intrigued by the idea of sitting in a tiki hut in the keys for a week but I’m guessing that would be less cheap. Also maybe I should eventually get my passport. 🤷 Open up the world.

The hardest part is going to be ignoring the ex who will surely have an opinion about it, as he had an opinion when I went out for happy hour for a couple of hours once. As in “you think you’d want to spend your time off with your kids…” Like I don’t spend 13 of 14 days with them, and only don’t see them at some point on every other Saturday. Which is a day that I work and am gone from home for ten hours. Yeah, that’s time to myself for sure. I literally haven’t had time to myself without work or kids since that trip I took hiking. And yeah, he had opinions about that one too. Never mind the fact that I offer him time with the kids constantly and he doesn’t take it. I’m trying to get him to take them for more of winter break and it’s a no go. Ugh.


He’s your ex for a reason. Turn it around. You are giving him the opportunity to spend a bit more time with his kids, ask him why he doesn’t want to do that.


CV peddling time again.


Stuck that shut.

Or maybe fuck that shit.

As long as they are fed and clothed its none of his damn business. You don’t even have to tell him if it’s not during his time. Take them up to the grandparents and hit a strip club in Tampa for a weekend.

He’s holding in to any sort of lever he can still pull on.